How To Fix No Sound Issue On OnePlus 7 Pro While Playing Video And Games

No Speaker Sound on OnePlus 7 Pro, Not Enough Loud while play Video or Watch Online. users are complaining about the no sound is able to hear while they are playing games or media. This problem may be occurred due to some hardware or software issues on your device.

OnePlus has launched its new flagship on the market. There some issues with the device, and here in this tutorial, we will show you how to get rid of those issues.

Low Speaker Volume or No Sound on Play Video or Games on OnePlus 7 Pro

No Sound issues on OnePlus 7 Pro

No Sound issues on OnePlus 7 Pro

Follow the solutions given below to solve your problem:

Quick Fix Before you start Troubleshooting

  • Force Close the app that running Video [YouTube, VLC or Other Media Player, Prime Video or Other all Entertainment app]
  • You have proper intenert connection if you are watching online
  • Update your Apps from play store
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Solution 1: Check if the speaker is speaker grill is blocked

While you are placing lamination or hard case to protect your device it might have blocked the speaker grill. So check it out and remove it from the speaker grill so that you can hear the proper sound. And sometimes our fingers might also block the speaker grill so check that you are not placing your fingers on speaker grill if so remove your fingers to listen to the voice.

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Solution 2: Check The Volume Slider

OnePlus 7 Pro has the slider by which you can easily control the sounds of your device. with the help of this slider, you can put your sound in three mode Ring, Vibrate and Silent. Make sure you are not putting your device in Vibrate or silent Mode because this mode will stop the sound. So keep your device in Ring Mode to hear the proper Sound.

No Sound Issue On OnePlus 7 Pro for Output speaker

No Sound Issue On OnePlus 7 Pro for Output speaker

Go to the Settings of your OnePlus 7 Pro. Now, Tap on Buttons & Gestures > Alert Sliders > Silent > Choose Alert Slider controls the media Volume.

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Solution 3:  Force Reboot Your Device

Force Reboot will fix the small problems causing the sound issues. Follow the steps to Force Reboot your device:
Step 1: Press and hold the Power  Button until the Phone is Power Off.
Step 2: After the device completely shutdowns.
Step 3: Press the Power Button to switch on the device.

After reboot, your device will work properly and sound will be audible.

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Solution 4: Update your device

Update your device. Follow the steps given below to update your device:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on System option.
Step 3: Tap on System Update.

And update your device to the latest version this solve the problems of sound.

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Solution 5: Contact the Store

If any of the above solutions don’t work then contact the nearest oneplus store as early as possible to solve your problem. OnePlus Store support assistance helps to fix the hardware issues if you effected after dropping the mobile, or Loose connection inside the body or Other parts replacement in free is its cover under warranty after purchase.

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