Fix OnePlus 3, 3T, One Plus X or One Plus 5 Battery Drain Problem

Battery charged time mainly depends on two or three major factors like Battery Lifecycle, Playing Games and apps are running on background. Charge full battery using OnePlus charging cable. Don’t use Third-Party Cable. This Save your mobile from Over hitting or Damages. Some time users reported Won’t charge, Taking too much time because of slow charge.

TroubleShooting Steps for OnePlus 3, 3T, X Battery Drain Problems

1 Oneplus battery problem fixed on android

Don’t use low reviews and quality app like check battery performance, Never use Memory Booster or Speed Booster app. if it’s installed officially then it’s okay.

Remove outdated, too old apps that are not running.

it’s time to check some experience and find the problem that actually harms your mobile performance from speed, Freeze or Battery drain.


Remove all the app and Data completely from Android.


Go with the factory reset, Tack backup of the full device and Restore after factory reset.

Factory resets Delete Contacts, Messages, Mail and Memory card documents and All types of Media file.

1. Turn off OnePlus 3.
2. Press and hold, Volume up button + Home button + Power Button at the same time, until you show android icon on the screen.

3. Next, Use Volume Down: Choose Factory Reset or Wipe data options.

4. Than select it with power.

5. Now OnePlus 3 will reboot. and ready to setup again.

it’s quick and recommended the option in Android mobile (One plus 2, one plus 3) included in the list.

Update all the apps: Frequently

it’s Good habit for all smartphone users who are checking and updating installed app regularly from android play store. Open the play store app and Go to inside update tab.

Quickly update remaining update apps at once or one by one. depends on your internet connection speed.

Hope you learning and help in fix OnePlus 3 Battery Drain, Freeze or App crashing.

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