Fix OnePlus 6t Battery Drain and Heating OverTime: Keep Longer and Cool

Battery Optimization is Important for all Smartphone users. Android Mobile Company giving to many features that really help you to increase user Experience and Device performance as well. In this, We have to face Some critical Problems related to Battery Drain too fast. Check out the below options that help to care your OnePlus 6t Battery. Also Without turning on Battery Saver on your OnePlus 6t or Other OnePlus mobile you can manage Battery problems and Save more power that effect on Heating issues.

Power bank is the smart option for those guys who are not agree with the below suggestion and OnePlus 6t Battery Saving tips.

Save More Battery on OnePlus 6t and Fix OnePlus 6t Over Heating issues

Fix Attempt 1. Software Update or App Update

New Android Version always perfect compare to past, Because software update for particular model includes Some important bug fixes and Optimization that help in you to problem like this.

Also Check App Update that mostly use on your android mobile: Game or App. My Experience with WhatsApp is amazing. After update the app I fixed it.

  • WhatsApp now more light and No heating During Video call. And the Other apps too
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Fix Attempt 2. You Should Try Dark Theme or Dark Mode on app or Android

Dark Theme use Low Power or inactive cell that doesn’t need power source. To Enable Dark Theme on OnePlus 6t, Go to the Settings app > Display > Customization > Theme > Dark.

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Fix Attempt 3. Check Battery Status and Usage

On last Android Version you will see the Battery usage and more details on your Smartphone. Using this report you can identify where it the problem and how to fix it.

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Fix Attempt 4. Turn on Gaming Mode; Gets Heating while play Game or Video, Video Call

Game app consume more Memory and processor resource compare to other app or Game. After all you need more power source and Battery backup. I recommend, Don’t play Game too much on your Primary OnePlus device.

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Fix Attempt 5. Amoled Display Generally consume more power and Heat

Most of the Device now comes with Amoled display that’s easy to read from any angle without tress on our eyes. So Mobile company’s needs to care battery because of more power consumption. Flow the other tips that help to save in power.

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Fix Attempt 6. Enable Auto-Brightness or Set to Medium

Go to the Settings > Display > Scroll to Screen Section and Tap on Brightness level. There is an option for customize Screen Brightness level from high to Medium and Low.

I will suggest to Enable Automatic Brightness toggle turn on. “Screen Brightness will be optimized according to ambient light”

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Fix Attempt 7. Disable Auto Wake of Screen is off and Enable Double Tap to Wake Gesture

Disable Rise to Wake and Turn on Double tap screen to wake option for quickly check notification and more from the lock screen.

Go to the Settings > Display > Scroll to System section: Enable “Double tap screen to Wake” and Disable “Raise to wake” option.

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Fix Attempt 8. Enable Auto Lock when not in use

  • Reduce Screen on Time to 30 Sec

Set Back Light and Timeout  to 30 Seconds. Go to the Settings > Display > Sleep.

Now Choose from given options for Time limits in seconds: 15 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute 2 minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes.

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Fix Attempt 9. Use Third-Party App installed and Running in ackgroud

  • LED Notification removed, So people are using NoLED App on his/her device, I think you don’t do this types for Force enabled feature.
  • If your phone is getting hot you may have other apps/services running in the background attributing to the heat. The more CPU intensive a task, the more heat that gets generated.
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Fix Attempt 10. OnePlus 6t Heated near upper Back Camera

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Fix Attempt 11. Turn off Location Service:

So all the app that using your Current location will automatically died. But you should enable while app saying to turn on location service. Like Google Map, Haze and More.

Go to the Settings > Locations > Turn off Location Service.

Fix Attempt 12. Disable/ Turn off The Features that you don’t use.

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Fix Attempt 13. Change Wallpaper and Set Black or Dark Wallpaper

Touch any empty Space on home screen, Now Select “Wallpapers” option and Select Desired image that you want set. On Home screen or lock screen.

Fix Attempt 14. Screen Usage since Full Charge time is around 8 Hours under Battery Settings. Then it’s Normal and Perfect.

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Fix Attempt 15. Visit Service Center

Follow the tips and try to set all the settings on OnePlus 6t on ideal condition. I am sure you will get more benefits from these tips. Revert back and share your suggestions.

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