How To Fix Oneplus 7 Pro Rear Camera Problem & Camera Not Working

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera problems and Fixes

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera is smashed amazing and Ready to capture natural photo in any light conditions. But some OnePlus 7 Pro users Facing the issues on Camera Not Working, Back or Rear Camera Not Focusing, One of the most common problems is OnePlus 7 Pro Rear Camera with Flash not working or dimmed flashlight. OnePlus has launched its 7 series which has to gain much popularity in the market with its great camera features like Ultra Wide, Wide Angle, Telephoto, Nightscape. But with this, the users are complaining about the camera issues in their device. let’s fix it for all time.

OnePlus 7 Pro rear camera is facing the problem of blurry pictures, failed error on save, etc. Here in this tutorial, we will show you the solutions which will solve the issues related to camera settings, Lens issues, and software issues. Follow the

solutions given below: OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Not working Problems & Solution for Rear Camera & Flash

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera problems and Fixes

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera problems and Fixes

Solution 1: Poor Camera Quality

Check the camera settings of your device. If there the low picture resolution has been selected, then you won’t be able to get excellent quality pictures. So change the resolution to Standard or High to get the superb quality of photos.

is there a problem with Camera Resolution on OnePlus 7 Pro, Becuase OnePlus 7 Pro has Three Resolutions in Different camera 8MP, 16MP, and 48MP.

Solution 2: Rear LED Flash on OnePlus 7 Pro

Check these settings for LED flash while you capture a photo in low light or dark area. The open Camera app on OnePlus 7 Pro. Now FInd FLsh icon at the top right corner of the screen. Now, Select Flash options, Auto turn on, Keep Enabled All Time Led flash, or Turn off LED Flash. that’s it.

Enable Flash on Rear Camera on OnePlus 7 Pro

Enable Flash on Rear Camera on OnePlus 7 Pro

Keep Selected Flash Auto or Always on On for OnePlus 7 Pro

Keep Selected Flash Auto or Always on On for OnePlus 7 Pro

Solution 3: Try to Clean Camera Lens to Fix the Problem

If you are getting blurry images and videos clean the camera lens. If you are not able to clean the back lens by yourself, then visit the repair shop for cleaning the glass. After cleaning the lens you will get the better results of photos on your device.

Solution 4: Enable Image Stabilization

Make sure that the Image Stabilization is enabled or Not Working Properly so that you can get the perfect videos. If it is not will allow you may get blurry or shaky videos from your camera.

Make sure the device is updated with Latest android version. OnePlus 7 Pro has 8MP, 64MP, and 16MP camera, So it’s Default settings.

Solution 5: Try to Clean or Replace the Screen Protector

Often we can get blurry images because of screen protectors. All the smartphones have company fitted screen guard but make sure that the screen guard is clean and clear to get better results. We can get the blurry images because of some matte finish screen guard. So check your screen guard.

Solution 6: Avoid Zoom Settings

We Zoom the camera lens to click the depth in the picture, but we find that after clicking the image gets blur. So to solve the problem, avoid Zooming the pictures. So that you can get better quality of pictures from your device.

Solution 7: Check Your Device Storage

You need to check the storage because with there is low storage your device will try to store the picture by compressing in its quality or size. And because of this, you can’t get the picture quality which you are expecting.

Solution 8: Focus on Object or Human Properly

You can also get the blurry images if you are not focusing correctly on the object or human. So we recommend you that enable the Auto Focus Mode or Tap to Focus Mode before clicking the pictures.

You can focus your Object by a tap on Camera Screen Manually.

Solution 8: Turn on Night Mode or LED Flash

If the background is darker, you can get the blurry images also with such a great lens. So we recommend you to Turn on Flashlight while clicking the photos. You should Activate the Night Mode for getting better results.

Turn on LED Flash On OnePlus 7 Pro, Open Camera app on OnePlus 7 Pro. Find the Flash icon at the top right camera screen.

Now, Keep selected Auto Flash or Always on Flash.

Solution 10: Update Your Software

Update your software to the latest version of the software. This will solve your problems. Follow the steps given below to update the software:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on System option.
Step 3: Click on System Updates.

Now update the Software and reboot the device after updating.

Solution 11: Factory Reset your Device

By doing factory your all the settings will be changed to the new device which has been released from the company. Factory reset will solve your problem for blurry pictures. Take a backup before doing the Factory Reset. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on Backup & Reset option in settings.
Step 3: Click on Factory Data Reset.
Step 4: Now Click on Reset Phone.
Step 5: At Last Click on Erase Everything.

Wait until the process is completed and after that, your device will reboot and then it will start functioning.

We can Also contact customer support if not satisfying with the camera result and functionality on OnePlus 7 pro camera.

In this Troubleshooting solutions, we covered most of the OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Problems and Relevant solutions that most helpful to my readers and me as well. So Don’t miss to share and recommend this article with your OnePlus 7 Pro friends.

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