How to fix overheating Galaxy S9 & S9 plus issue

Galaxy S9 & S9 plus overheating issue

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus have lots of situation that time mobile phone overheating. Whenever you play a game, open other application, using a mobile long time that time your phone will be overheating. Galaxy S9 Overheating problem can create a big issue.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9plus users have two problems that are overheating the second one is a battery drain. So here we help you solve your problem Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus Oreo device.

We present some useful step to avoid android mobile overheating problem.

Galaxy S9 & S9 plus overheating issue


How to fix to overheat issue on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus Oreo version:

Solve your overheating issue and solutions:

> When you do charging that time remove your cover.

> avoid using application that makes your mobile overheating issue. Apps like location services I mean Maps, Banking apps, you tube and other loaded applications.

> stop to play the continuous game.

> Background application turn off.

> keep away your Galaxy S9 & S9 plus from the warm atmosphere.

> Samsung Galaxy S9 &S9plus overheating on the hotspot, also battery draining. Also while using video call on whats app and other lots of social application. And using face time.

> And you people using Audio call for too much long time.

> always your phone charge battery level up to (91% to 95%)

> removed you unusable apps and uninstalled it. And update new version always.

Check above tips and also follow tips

Back up Reset and galaxy Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus

Repair android Oreo system.

First, take all phone data save, means take back up and update the latest version. Now done take back up and now reset Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9plus.

Go to setting> general setting >reset > reset phone = now done, now reset your phone few minutes.

use original charger and original battery

Always use an original charger and original battery for your Galaxy S9 & S9plus device. Don’t use another faulty phone charger and other local and defective battery.

Restart Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus

First power off your Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9plus mobile and hold some minute and after power on and then again play some game and watch you tube video and check your android mobile warm or not.

I hope all above method solve your problem that Samsung Galaxy is overheating fix. If this post is not helpful, then contact Samsung customer care via call, chat and nearest store.

Use that post, share it and enjoy with Samsung galaxy Oreo version.

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