Fix the Problem Of WiFi And Bluetooth Not Working On Google Pixel 3 XL

Fix WiFi or Bluetooth problem on Google Pixel 3 XL

Fix the Network issues for WiFi and Bluetooth not working on Google Pixel 3 XL, or WiFi icon on Mobile Status bar Showing exclamation point Wi-Fi problem. These brand new smartphones launched by Google. Every device has a connectivity problem. -Here in this device, we are having the connectivity issue of WiFi and Bluetooth.

Here in this tutorial, we will provide some solutions for this connectivity issue on WiFi & Bluetooth. Most common WiFi connectivity issues are Slow WiFi, and No WiFi Signal, WiFi Keeps Dropping or Disconnecting. And the same problem with Bluetooth Accessories like Bluetooth Speaker.

Reasons behind WiFi not working on Bluetooth not working on Google Pixel 3XL

Fix WiFi or Bluetooth problem on Google Pixel 3 XL

Fix WiFi or Bluetooth problem on Google Pixel 3 XL

1. Fix WiFi issues on Google Pixel 3XL: Disconnecting, Dropping

Solution 1: Turn off & Turn on Wifi On Mobile, and Reconnect wifi network. WiFi is on but at the same time, Airplane mode is also on. Turn on Airplane mode on Mobile, after that check Wifi is connected under the settings app.

Solution 2: Turn off the Router and restart it again after a few seconds and turn it on and retry to connect the network. Press and Hold the power button for few seconds until you see the Restart option will show on the screen. Again Tap and hold on the power button to turn on the screen.

Now WiFi Problems divided into three main categories,

  • Device Problem
  • Network Problem
  • Internet Problem

To identify the WiFi hardware issues of Software issues make sure wifi is working on another device as well. Try to use the internet on a laptop with a WiFi connection. Everything is okay on other devices, then identify the software or hardware issue.

Now Problem with WiFi network, in this case, WiFi is connected to Device but no internet. So check your Friend’s WIFi connection or public wifi around you.

Internet is an outage in your area, contact the internet service provider.

Solution 3: Forget the WiFi connection and reconnect the network after some time.   Delete WiFi network from mobile and reconnect WiFi.

1: Open Settings App on Google Pixel 3 XL.
2: Next Tap on Network & Internet than WiFi. Turn on or Enable WiFi.
3: At the Bottom of the mobile screen, find Saved Networks option.
4: Tap on Saved Network that you want to delete.

Manually Add New WiFi network,

1: Open Settings app on Google Pixel 3 XL.
2: Next Tap on Network & Internet > WiFi, Now last option is Add Network.
3: First Enter Network name [SSID], and Security Details.
4: After that save.

Solution 4: Launch the settings and make sure that the Power Saving Mode option is disabled.

Solution 5: Check the crowd by the WiFi analyzer and switch to another channel.

Solution 6: Keep your router firmware updated.

Solution 7: Keep your applications and device updated.

Solution 8: Visit the Settings< WiFi < Advanced option and note your MAC address, then make sure it access is allowed in your router’s MAC filter.

Solution 9: Enter Your Google Pixel 3 XL Mobile in Safe Mode,

On your Google Pixel 3 XL, Press and Hold the power button for a few seconds. Now Your will see different reboot options in the side strip.

Touch and Hold on Power off until you see the popup for safe mode. Tap on ok to Put Mobile in safe mode.

To Exit Safe Mode, Again Press and Hold the power button until power strip show on a mobile screen. Now Tap and select on Restart option. After that your Google Pixel 3 XL our of the safe mode and ready to use without software issue.

2. Bluetooth Issues to fix Google Pixel 3XL

Solution 1: If the bluetooth is not connecting with the car, then read the users manual and reset the settings and later try to connect the bluetooth.

Solution 2: Enter Safe mode, try to connect and use a bluetooth device. Follow the steps above to Put your mobile in safe mode and exit.

Solution 3: Please ensure that you are not missing any significant step to connect the bluetooth.

Solution 4: Visit Settings < Bluetooth and check that and make sure that you don’t need to change something.

Solution 5:  Visit Settings < Bluetooth and delete all the paired devices and reconnect the bluetooth again.

Solution 6: The issue of multiple connections can be solved with the help of future updates only.

Hence by this, you can solve your Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity issues on Google Pixel 3 XL.

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