How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Turned Off Itself and Wont Turn back on

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Turned Off Itself and Wont Turn back on

Sometimes the firmware problem looks like a hardware problem. We give you the best example. Suddenly our readers send us mail. Let’s see what is in it?
I put my mobile charging and I was sleep. Next morning I was checked but my mobile still not start. How to do restart my mobile? troubleshoot my  galaxy note 9 black screen issue.

If you have a Galaxy note 9 mobile maybe also your face is a problem. So we try to troubleshoot your issue. You people won’t believe how to easy it. Galaxy note 9 turn off without any issue. If you have Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mobile so please continue read our post. and fix issue note 9 won’t turn on after battery dies

How to troubleshoot Galaxy note 9 that turn off on its own and won’t power back.

here, we guide you How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Galaxy Note 9/ Note 8

Sometime you seem like serious hardware problem, but its not maybe hardware problem.
Before we go further we expect mobile hasn’t been dropped on hard surface, submerged in water and any liquid damage and physical damaged.

Solution 1: perform force restart

First press and hold power button and volume down button up to more than 10 seconds. Still not start your mobile after you can try following steps.

Step 1: press and hold volume down button don’t release it.

Step 2: when you want volume down button that time also press and hold power button.

Step 3: held down couple of buttons for more than 10 seconds.

This process is basically same as first process. Now this time press and hold volume down button before power button. Because otherwise you won’t give same result.

follow above step and solve problem How to Fix a Galaxy Note 9 That Will Not Power On

If your Galaxy note 9 still not turn on then move on second solution.

Solution 2: try charging your phone and do force reboot again.

One possibility I have to consider is battery dead, so fast how’s your mobile and fix it. If your Android device is stuck on black screen, won’t turn on, won’t respond thor all possibility maybe your battery got drained. And its fact fat if your battery was empty so system can crushed. If you want fix this problem so please check my step and follow it.

fix 1: first take your Samsung Galaxy note 9 original charging and then plug the charger working all outlet.

fix 2: check data cable may be damaged. If it is damage so first change it in after do charge your Galaxy note 9.

Step 3: whenever you put your mobile on charging, don’t miss to check on your mobile display that charging sign are showing or not. Allow the mobile to charger for more than 10 minute.

Step 4: press and hold volume down button and don’t release it

Step 5: don’t release volume down button also press and hold power button.

Step 6: keep couple of buttons held down together more than 10 seconds.

If this problem create due to drained battery. So your mobile will start.
But you follow my both solution and still not respond your mobile screen so it’s time to go mobile shop and check out mobile by technician. and Troubleshoot Some Galaxy Note 8 Phones Not Turning On After Battery Drain. 

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