How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging problem

Now a day lots of emails I received from our readers and users, emails are all similar like that galaxy 5S battery drain also question like why is my Samsung not charging? You know most of Samsung galaxy charging problem create which time? I know. Here I will suggest you. Whenever any new Android OS is coming, and you upgrade your old OS like Android Nougat, Android Oreo in this situation most of creating that problem. So, here troubleshoot series How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 charging problem.

Here are a few reasons for crater this problem like the charger is defective, improper phone and a software glitch so, faulty USB cable, damaged charging port, loose power connection, etc. so, first check it one by one and fix your issue Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 won’t charge.

We give some short hint first follow it

# use original charger since not solve the problem so use a different charger for your Samsung device.

# try different USB port also charge by keys.

# charging via laptop/computer.

# Reboot and Restart your Android Oreo/ Nougat device.

# charging removes every 3 minutes and after charging your Samsung Galaxy S5.

# change wall socket.

# check charge power button if it damaged than first change it.

Now, here we present five Samsung Galaxy S5 charging problem that sends us our readers.

Problem 1: Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 won’t charge at all

Problem 2: Samsung Galaxy S5/S6charging very slow

Problem 3: Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 won’t charge on car

Problem 4: Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 charge slow and heats up

How to fix Galaxy S5 charging problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

we present some our reader’s experience issue, so guys, read it and use it step by step.

Problem 1: Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge at all

Problem: hello! Myself laura. I have Samsung Galaxy S5. Suddenly yesterday my mobile battery very fast got depleted, I tried to charge the battery but didn’t charge at all. I don’t know what to do fix this problem. So please help me and solve my battery drain problem. And my phone is new, so give me right suggestion what I do?

Solution:  you say your phone is new also since you get not any troubleshoot procedure still so, I suggest you if you want you can easily do your Android phone Soft Reset. Don’t worry guys; this process can’t delete your data.

Step 1: in your mobile power on a situation that time open your back cover and remove the battery.

Step 2: remove battery then press and hold power key single minute.

Step 3: now, put the battery in their place in the mobile.

Step 4:  charge the phone and fix the issue.

If your problem solves then no problem but still that issue running so, let’s talk another possibility.

Busted battery

damaged charger or USB port

Phone hardware issue – go your nearest mobile shop and solve it.


Problem 2: Samsung Galaxy S5 charging very slow

Problem: hey, myself Kal, I have Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s not old. It gives work very smart but here one problem, disturb me that slow charging problem. When my phone charges a full night, the battery charge about 72% still the morning. Before battery was fully charged, but that issue creates about few days. Whats problem with the battery? Why my mobile charging slow? I don’t know anything so please help me and solve my slow charging problem.

Solution:  here we give some step, so guys, follow it step by step and solve your problem.

Step 1: power off the Android device.

Step 2: tap and hold power button few seconds.

Step 3: go on a press and hold power key, appear on screen “Samsung Galaxy S5”

Step 4: and now press and hold volume down key.

Step 5: continue the press and hold volume down key until your mobile finished Reboot or Restart.

Step 6:  that time in your screen bottom corner side Safe mode will appear.

Step 7: whenever your see Galaxy S5 safe mode just press volume down key.

Now, charge your phone. If the phone will be charged, then no problem but still Samsung Galaxy S5 not charged then Reset your phone. Without Reset not any choice you have. First, take some backup and Factory Reset your Android device.

Problem 3: Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge on car

I am James, I have Samsung Galaxy S5 Android mobile. My original car charging is damaged, so I buy new car charging. But new charging does not give work.  It’s not the really big issue I will charge my mobile with the wall outlet. But please help me how I can charge my phone with car charger.

Solution: I read your description, so the fault isn’t on your mobile, but the fault is with only the cable. Mobile and charging problem not here. If you are using the same charging cable, that way your problem lies otherwise the problem is the car or charging port where you charge in the car.

Problem 4: Samsung Galaxy S5 charge slow and heats up

Problem: Hello, I am Harold. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 Android mobile. And I  faced problem within the week, the problem is my Samsung Galaxy S5 charging very slow nowadays, not only it the problem but it heats up. I fear may be mobile will explode. If you help me solve that effort, then I always thank you. Also, slow charging time my many pictures disappear from my mobile so I hope you guys, help me and solve this issue.

Solution:  I read your problem. Maybe your problem reason is only damaged SD card. Here many different factors may be lead slow charging and heat of your mobile. Here you say that your picture also disappears so here two issue will start, also I m not thinking other option.

Whenever your SD card Damaged that time cause many mobile parts like slow charging and also heats the mobile, SD card damaged so picture removed automatically.

Fast battery drain problem and the heating issue is solved but first, remove your damaged SD card. Whenever you remove your SD card easily solve battery drain an heating problem solve but you cant recovered picture that your loss.

So, here best option removes your SD card and buy new SD card.

Above all tips solve your Samsung Galaxy charging problem. So share it and enjoy your day.

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