Fix Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Keeps Freezing and Lagging in Use

Now, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus are contemplated one of the best and awesome Android mobiles of 2018. It has superb features like high-resolution camera, powerful display, and long battery life. Most of the Galaxy users face the problem that their Samsung Device gives work slowly or not at after few days of use. Are you face freezing and lagging issue? It’s a common issue, so let solve it.

freezing galaxy S9/S9Plus

Samsung problem: How to fix Freezing/Lagging issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 plus? Whenever your mobile lags that time it really annoying you. In most cases, you are playing the game, using social media like what’s app, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube etc. it is very confronting especially if you are doing some special and important on your phone that time swiftly, everything stopped, freezing and lagging. So, guys, we know how to fix.

How to fix screen keeps Freezing/lagging on Galaxy S9/S9 plus

More regularly lagging, freezing and unresponsive issue are inducing by installation app by the operating system. Here read our post and make your Android mobile run stable again.

Method 1: Restart the Mobile

Reboot and Restart your mobile and fix check your mobile freezing problem solve or not solve?

Step 1: power on your mobile screen.

Step 2: tap and hold volume button few minutes.

Step 3: wait some time and then power on your mobile.

Restart your mobile and solve your mobile screen unresponsive.

Method 2: Uninstall Third-Party Apps and Use Safe Mode

If any third party app causing the issue on your Oreo device then we try t solve your problem so, guys follow below instructions:

Step 1: tap & hold the power button.

Step 2: then, tap & hold power off menu.

Step 3: tap setting option.

Step 4: on setting go to in Application.

Step 5: uninstall application that shrinking the performance of the mobile.

Uninstall fake application and save your mobile by bad application and mobile make faster and lag and freeze free.

Method 3: Clear App cache

Here cleaning cache data and use properly your mobile. here we guide how to clear a cache in Android Oreo 8.0 version.

Step 1: open your mobile screen.

Step 2: go to setting.

Step 3: in setting > storage.

Step 4: navigate the other application.

Step 5: press application that you want to clear cache data.

Step 6: press on a clear cache.

Clear cache data and fix your problem.

Method 4: Factory Reset the Mobile

Here is the guide on how to factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus.

Step 1: turn on the power button.

Step 2: press setting > cloud & accounts > backup & Restore.

Step 3: tap the slider: backup my data, Automatic restore.

Step 4: press the bottom right side available back key until you show the setting menu.

Step 5:  press the General Management > Reset > Factory data Reset.

Step 6: scroll down the screen and tap Reset and delete all.

Step 7: if you are locked your screen so first open it.

Step 8: verify your Samsung Account and enter the password and last press the CONFORM.

Step: now, wait few minutes the Reset sequence.

Reboot your mobile and solve your issue.

Use above all step and stop freeze and leg your mobile screen.

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