How To Fix Screen Overlay Problem On OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

On OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Overlay notification issues is a familiar thing to android users. we can solve this and make it normal so we can read each individual notification when it comes. You may need to know that it is not an error. It just notified you that the screen overlay is active such as night lighting, floating widget, virtual keyboard, and so on. For solving this problem first, you need to know the reason why the problem is caused.

Whenever you install apps, you need to give some permissions to access your device. In such permission there one permission is the ability to  “Display To Other Apps“. When you install the app, the permission will appear in the pop-up message, and you might have enabled some screen overlays option.

Floating widgets like Facebook’s chat heads and another quick-access floating widget that is on the edges of your phone screen. Night light apps such as Twilight. Camera apps, Health- tacker apps, scanner apps, etc. apps use the screen overlay on your device.

Now let us see how to disable this problem:

You need to disable all the screen overlay apps one by one. You need to do this until the pop-up message stops on the screen when you install new apps.

Follow The Steps Given Below to Disable The Screen Overlay on OnePlus Settings:

Screen Overlay Problem On OnePlus android mobile

Screen Overlay Problem On OnePlus android mobile

Step 1: Click on the Settings when the overlay message is pop-up or open the Settings directly.
Step 2: Click on App Notifications in settings.
Step 3: Tap on Advanced option.
Step 4: Click on the Special App Access option.
Step 5: Click on “Display over apps.”
Step 6: As you click on display over apps option list of the apps will appear that can use the screen overlay option.
Step 7: Now disable all the third apps. For doing so, click on the app.
Step 8: After clicking on the app, click on “Allow display over other apps” and disable this option.

Disable the apps until the problem is solved. still not fixed, Hard Reboot Oneplus your mobile. Sometimes Frozen or Stuck screen causing these types of screen overlay issues. By this way, you can solve the problem. also share this tip with your friends if this helpful to you.

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