How To Fix Software Update Issues Of Galaxy Buds, Update Failed on Galaxy Buds

Fix Old Samsung Galaxy Buds Update issues, Won’t receive the software Update. You need to keep your galaxy buds updated so that it can function properly without any interruptions. With the issue is that software is not updating then you need to update the Galaxy wearable or there might be some issues with the network connection or you may using the outdated software.

So first you need to know the problems and then try the solutions. here in this tutorial, we will give you some solutions to solve your problem. Follow the solutions given below:

Samsung Galaxy Buds Software Update problems and Fixed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Software Update problems and Fixed

before start troubleshooting tips, Check my ways to Update Software on Galaxy Buds. Open Galaxy Wearable app on paired android mobile, Scroll to About Earbuds > Update Earbuds Software > Download and install. also I recommend enabling the option Auto-Download Over WiFi toggle.

Solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Software Update Won’t Receive, Failed and Without App

Solution 1: Check Your Network Connection

To update the software of earbuds the most important thing you need is the network connection in your device. Access to network settings to check the network connection and make sure your device is connected to the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network is enabled.

Solution 2: Charge Galaxy Earbuds For At least 30 mins

Green LED light indicator for Galaxy Earbuds and Charging Case is showing full charge. if Continous Red or Flashes Red mark of Not charged or Low Battery charging on Galaxy Earbuds or Galaxy Buds case.

You can check your Samsung Galaxy Buds Charing Status in Wearable app and under the mobile widget as well. Keep your Earbuds full of charge or At least 50 percent or more.

Keep the buds in its particular slot in the charging case, close the charging case when you hear the sound of click. Now connect the USB cable at the back of the case in the USB charging port, and connect the other end of the USB cable to the power source in the adapter.

Solution 3: Close The App And Reboot Your Device

If an error occurs during the update, close the Galaxy Wearable app or the Gear IconX Manager software. Then, power off your phone or computer. Wait 30 seconds before powering on the device.

If the issue takes place while you are updating your earbuds. Then you should close the Galaxy Wearable app. And reboot your device after rebooting you should again start the process and update your earbuds without interruption.

You are okay from your end, also check the problem persist at Samsung Server.

It is possible that your earbuds are not updating because your device or app through which your updating earbuds are not updated. So firstly you need to update your device and app.

1. Update your phone

If you are updating your buds through phone then update your phone. Follow the steps given below to update your phone:

Step 1: Go to Settings.
Step 2: Click on Software Update.
Step 3: Click on Download and install.

And your phone is been updated, now you can update your earbuds through your phone.

2. Update your PC

If you are updating your buds through PC then update your PC. For updating PC methods will change according to its OS. Hence you can visit Chromebook, Mac, or Windows support page for updating the particular OS.
Now also check the update of the app you are using. Here we need to check the Update of the Galaxy Wearable App.
you also need to keep your app updated through which you are updating the earbuds. Follow the steps given below to update the Galaxy Wearable App:

Step 1: Open the App.
Step 2: Click on About Galaxy Wearable App option.
Step 3: Click on Update option.

And by this, your app is updated and now you can also update the earbuds. After trying all the solutions your problem will be solved. above all are the most common and helpful troubleshooting solutions for Your Galaxy Buds having Problem in Software Update or unable to Get new Firmware update as well. Write to us on a comment, What tips helpful.

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