[Fixed] Best Solution on Common Google Play store Server Error

Till now we covered near to 100+ errors and relevant solutions for the best practice by our Android users from feedback on forums and best4Geeks editors. Just click on the error code that you find on your Android mobile screen.

Before I go to the solution steps please keep your data safe by putting into external drive or copy into your PC or laptop. Some of the error code we can’t easily fix, so we need to take action forcefully that may cause your data may be lost, most of the case this don’t happen but for the privacy and backup purpose believe my suggestion.

Most of the error comes in your Google Play Store when we try to open or download app from the app store so people are using and trying third party, directly install APK in android un-trusted method.

Fix google play store error on android mobile

Here I tried to give solution in just few steps in sequence is an alternate method that works for different cases and different users.

Google Play store: Steps on fix with updated solutions 2017

Play Store Error: df-bpa-09

This error comes while we tried to downloading apps from the app store.

To fix this just go to the settings then apps for application manager  move to the All columns scroll to the screen and find the Google service Framework finally click on Clear data then ok from verification popup.

Error: df-bpa-30

This error comes on your Android mobile why user tried to download and install application on your Smart Android device via PC or laptop.  Don’t stop to try, repeat the steps that you follow for download application via PC or laptop. To bypass this error you can use direct download from your Play Store.

Error: DF-DLA-15

This error occurred while old cache and data store in your Google Play Store root directory folder. To fix this just go to the settings, Then applications> find the Play Store and delete cache and data completely otherwise you can use storage tab.

Alternate fix very fast by removing all added Gmail accounts. Go to the settings > Google > Tap on Gmail mail ID next click on account that you remove one by one. then add first one gmail account and check error gone.

Google Play server Error rh01

This error happened due to Server response,  so clear all cache and data from the Google Play Store app go to the settings app on Google Play Store > App > choose clear data and clear cache.

Remove all Gmail account go to the settings > Google > Remove Account. Next, Re-add new Google account.

Google Play Error rpc:s-5:aec-0

Go to the settings > app > all > Google Play Store > clear cache and uninstall updates.

Google Play Error Retrieving information from Server

Check your Internet connection from mobile browser

Remove Cache and data from mobile app settings:  settings > applications > all > Google Play Store > Clear Cache & data

Go for Google remove Gmail account and re add Gmail account.

We will post most common other error code list in Google Play store are Error 20, Error 20, Error 24, Error 101, Error 103, Error 110, Error 194, Error 403, Error 406, Error 413, Error 481, Error 491, Error 492, Error 495, Error 497, Error 498, Error 501, Error 504, Error 505, Error 905, Error 906, Error 907, Error 911, Error 919, Error 920, Error 921, Error 923, Error 924, Error 927, Error 940, Error 941, Error 944, Error 961, Error 963, Error 975.

But common solution for all the error is Clear Cache and Data from Google play services.

Settings > Applications > Clear cache and Data for play store, if you not found then for you look for the Storage tab option and go for clear.

i am sure about error fix tutorial really help to get rid from “google play service has stopped” or “google play store has stopped unexpectedly“. Refresh your play store and reuse as usual. Don’t miss to share the tips to others, go to comment below and send us we will surprise you.

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