Fixed: Your Connection is not a private on Google Chrome: Windows 10

For all types of website (E-Commerce, Banking, Mail, and Registration) site enabled and protected with security So most of the webmaster securing own site with HTTPs certificates or third-party security software on the server. on that point, if your computer is on risk then WebUrl Opened on browser automatically identify that your computer on risk and displaying an error instead of the webpage. And the Warning message is “Your Connection is not a private” on your Windows PC or computer devices, Also Private error for Android mobile or Tablet. Next line on this page is ignored certificate errors.

Follow the below fix and troubleshooting tips on “Your Connection is not a private” or “Showing red https” on Google Chrome Windows 10/ 9/ 8 or 7.

Steps for Fix Your Connection is not a private: Windows Laptop or PC, Mac

The unsecure connection may be attackers easily attack your Webpage. it’s not a good sign for web owner because attackers may phishing your page or tempered with Javascript or any malicious code.

Recently Google Rolled out new chrome feature for unsecure Website, that helps to improve user experience and Trust on running Google chrome browser. if your website getting users data than HTTPS should require otherwise, you will see not secure tag on Chrome browser address bar.

1. Check for Google Chrome update

Go to the Google Chrome Settings: Help > About Google Chrome.

Google Chrome update error

2. Update Date and Time of system: Windows 10

Go to Date & Time at bottom right corner of the screen,

1 Adjust Date and Time on windows PC or Laptop

then right click on it and See “Adjust Date & Time” Click on it.

2 Set time or Datetime automatically or manually on window PC Or Laptop

Enable Set Time Automatically, Set Time Zone Automatically. TO Change it manually you need to disable “Set time automatically“.

3. Clear up Google Chrome browser Data

Google Chrome’s important data (History, Saved pages and Old Bookmarked webpage update).

Clear Browsing Data, Click on Chrome settings icon at top right corner of the screen,

Now, Click on Settings.

3 Google Chrome Settings on Windows PC Or Laptop

Scroll Down and Click on Advance settings. Under Privacy, Click on “Clear Browsing Data”.

4 Scroll DOwn and Tap on Clear Browsing Data under advaced

Make sure, select below options.

5 Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome windows System

4. Reset Google Chrome Browser

Scroll Down to the end, Under settings > Advanced.

6 Reset Google Chrome browser settings and Data on windows

5. Find Currepted or low-Quality Extension

Installed Extension on your Browser may arise a problem of connectivity. Disable it under Chrome settings and Extension.

7 Extensions on Google Chrome browser in Windows PC or Laptop

Unchecked Unused Extension or Uninstall it by click on delete icon near to extension.

6. Disable antivirus program temporary

Go to Bottom menu bar and Find antivirus program icon, Right click on it and Find Disabled settings and interval for keep it ideal.


7. Remove Google Chrome and data

Use Control Panel under Programme and Right click on Google Chrome then uninstall. Download the latest version of Chrome on Mac specially and check again.

8. Use Other Google Chrome alternatives

Temporarily you can use third-party other very best Browser on Windows 10 Laptop or PC.

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