Fixed “err_connection_timed_out” on Google Chrome Webpage

Here is a solution on how to fix error connection Timeout on your Windows PC laptop and on Android mobile. This page is error for any web page like Google Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other. The connection error occurred due to the different types of interface and problems in the network that we can fix on our side or through ISP. People don’t need to fix it because it’s very common error and really hard in law to fix it but we can easily using this guide. Without change, your browser (Alternate Browsers – Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari) or system, gets how to solve err_connection_timed_out.

Android device getting the error due to the very slow or poor Internet connection so first of all, you need to check correct Internet speed by using some very best Internet speed checker apps for Android mobiles or other mobile platforms.

5 Err Connection Time Out Error on windows PC Or Laptop

Troubleshooting: Err_Connection_Timed_Out: This webpage is not available, Site Can’t be reached

1. Whitelist web address in Windows host file

See the host file location address for your all windows OS (Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7).


open and Edit host file on Window PC Or Laptop

Right click on it, Choose open With and Find Notepad.

Remove line shown in below image, Delete last line with #.

Delete Domain from host file

Next, Save file. File > save.

2. Clear all browsing history

Clear all types of history, Cookies and Cache file from Google Chrome settings. Might be this is the reasons some types of data stores on browser slow down internet access automatically. So Spinning wheel with taking too long respond open website page showing error: Err_Connection_Timed_Out on timeout.

Click on three verticle dots icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, History. Or Use (Ctrl+ H) shortcut from the keyboard.

3 Clear Browsing History on Chrome

Select all types of history data and Click on Clear history button. (Don’t close browser until the complete the process)

4 Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome

Close browser and launch to test again, err_connection_timed_out error gone or not.

3. Repair in LAN settings

Wrong or misconfigurations might the biggest issue that directly effect on your browsing experience just like blocking or slow Internet speed.

6 Use Proxy Server on Windows 10 or PC & Laptop

Go to the start menu > control panel. Inside to control panel Find Internet options. Click on that and a new popup will appear on screen now click on connection tab at the top and then LAN Settings inside it.

4. Flush DNS in your network or reset DNS address for IP

Flush DNS Cache is a primary solution from Internet service provider it will be command most of the time when you help them.

7 Flush DNS settings and cache on windows PC Or Laptop

Type CMD in the start menu and open it now placed below command one by one and clear all the caches.

5. Unblock any kind of Firewall connection or website blocking

Make sure about your existing Internet setting. Because sometimes web address blocked by your system unexpectedly. Also, check any Internet software install another system and blocked by it.

Temporarily disabled antivirus from bottom status bar menu right click on anti-virus icon and disable it for few hours or minutes.

6. Get connected with your Internet service provider

check other websites on same browser behavior in same issue and contact to your Internet service provider.

Hope you help a lot this article and fix your problems on error connection timed out the error on the web page.

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