Fixed: Error 0x80071ac3 Volume is Dirty on windows 10/ 8/ 7: WD, Seagate

Error 0x80071ac3 Volume is Dirty message is showing when move/ Transfer data to External Hard drive from windows system. Actually, it’s problem occur in Reading/ Write process. So you need to reset this Permission without erasing/ Format drive. That I found in my solution shown in below steps. You get this error message on the specific system means Windows 10 or Windows 8 or Windows 7. So you can check it on the different windows system.

I checked my drive on windows 10 installed Laptop, it should be fixed automatically. But what to do for windows 7? That I fixed finally using Volume unmount process. To fix this error you don’t need to any technical knowledge you can do easily with below step by step guide.

Error 0x80071ac3 SDCard

users also reported this problem for SD Card, are you using with card reader then eject SD Card from card reader then re-access on your laptop or PC. And the second try should be format SD Card. Sometimes exfat format unable to do action corrupted table and incomplete data slot should only fix with Repair from Microsoft (Apply the second method that I gave in this article).

Steps for Fixed Error 0x80071ac3 Volume is Dirty: Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10

1 Error 0x80071ac3 Volume is Dirty showing External Drive


Connect your External Hard Drive to your Windows system using cable. Check that your drive showing in your system under the computer.

Press Windows + R and Type chkdsk.

2 Check External Disk using command

Recheck it fixed or not, by copying the file to drive.


Disconnect Drive, Reconnect drive to your computer/ Laptop.

On your Screen, you will get the option for the scan and Fix or Continue access without the scan. Choose Scan and Fix

2 scan and fix external drive error in windows 10

Next, Select “Automatically fix file system errors” Checkbox then click on “Start

3 Start hard drive scane for fix error

Now, you must unmount means stop all process connected with the drive. Click on Force a dismount.

4 unmount external drive on windows 10, windows 8 or windows 7

Wait for the time, it will be fixed automatically.

Finally, You will get the message about “Some problems were found and fixed” and Click on Close.

5 fixed Drive problem in windows seagate or WD

Above Two recoveries options gracefully work for you, Also diagnostics for WD My Passport or Seagate.

Enable Write permission: Remove WriteProtect

For windows 10, Windows 8/ 7

1: Press Windows + R. Type “RegEdit” then click on “Ok”.

2: Move Location Directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies

Double click on “WriteProtect”.

Type “0” for Disable Write protection

Above all are the possible solution best works to fix Error 0x80071ac3 Volume is Dirty for External Hard Drive Copy/ past or Read/ Write date.

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