Fixed, No internet access on Windows 10 Laptop or PC

Internet is primary requirement for all tech and normal users. Who want us online application or Tools, Cloud or Browsing. Try AlterNet solution or Test finally and found where is problem actually occur, that interrupting you to access internet on your PC or Laptop running on Windows 10 or windows 8. Most of the times technical guide is too much helpful for turn internet on your system that you will get from your internet service provider, Techno guys or Friends or Online forums. No internet access on Windows 10 possible fix are here.

So, here I give advance suggestion on easy to start internet on your windows 10 PC or Laptop from my 10+ years of experience by being with internet on different device. That’s most help full.

Steps for Fix No internet access on Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Check Internet with another system

You have a mobile or or other Desktop/ Laptop device then check it on first. If running on another system then follows the next steps otherwise contact your internet provider. May be your area network down or cable problem.

If you are using on office ask you college that’s using same network which you are on.

Restart System

Other device running internet smoothly and you have a problem only, Restart your system at first then reconfigure network setting as usual. This happens again and again then follow next steps.

Restart Model or Router

Restart or Switch off your router for 10 minutes, then turn on. Then check.

Reset your Router after long time you haven’t. Many users are satisfied with this solution for all time.

Run command from command prompt

Open command prompt on windows 10, By search it on search box. Type below lines of code one by one after run it by press enter in command prompt.

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

After then, Restart your PC or Laptop.

Disable or Enable Ethernet or Wifi adapter

6 Network Adpater settings for windows 10 pc or laptop on No internet access on Windows 10

In control panel, go to the Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

Right click on Adapter icon then Disable and re-Enable.

Above are mostly all possible fixes on No internet access on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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