Free website monitoring 2021 for wordpress and other platforms

There are many circumstances which are the cause of making your website down and again up from hosting service, internal code change, high traffic volume, low bandwidth and many others criteria that make your website down. Hey, I am not talking about the drive service and then pay for your website monitoring to the list of best website monitoring services available for all the platforms like WordPress, Joomla, PHP and many other.

Here I suggest some very easy technique that works officially for your website monitoring you can set it for the single website for multiple websites in a single email on multiple emails. Some services are providing a free service to get alerted on message mobile number, email.

Website monitor version 5 is a free tool for monitor website status by Amit Agarwal project. This project works on any number of the unlimited website, not on your hosting but it runs on Google server remotely after configuring it with your Google Analytics address. Let’s see have to set up and configure for your site in few minutes and get alerted via Email or SMS regularly when your website goes up or down.

Free website monitoring 2017

Steps for install Google script for your Website: Setup Free website monitoring

1 First copy Google sheet in your account by click on it.

1 Copy the Sheet in your Drive

2 Login with your primary email address on that you want to receive mail.

3 next you should copy the Excel sheet in your account, Google Drive

3 Configure 3 Configure Website with Google sheetWebsite with Google sheet

4 enter the valid website details like, website address, email address, Google analytics ID and one more new option is to get SMS alert.

Enter valid information about website and analytics

5 And finally perform start monitoring, whenever you get your website traffic down in Google analytics this monitor inform you in your Mail with the status code (200 is for up) and 0 is for website down.

Note: This techniques doesn’t effect in your website page speed because is installed on Google for work and use your Google analytics data.

Hope you learn to fix your problem in a free without investing a single penny, don’t miss to share it is very useful and informative article for all Webmaster you are looking for the best solution on how to monitor website in free for email and SMS alert. Also thanks to Amit Agarwal.

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