What to Do If Galaxy Note 9 Photos Taken By Selfie Camera Shows the Black Dot On The Nose.

What to Do If Galaxy Note 9 Photos Taken By Selfie Camera Shows the Black Dot On The Nose.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best and most popular smartphones that release in 2018. Is the flagship mobile for this year?  Also, it is not a problem error and issue.

Here also create one is true that whenever you taking a selfie appear black dot on nose. If you people encountered this error so follow our solution.

How to manually enable the apps back individually. You can try the following step.

Step 1: open the mobile screen.

Step 2: open the apps menu.

Step 3: tap mobile screen upper three dot vertical line.

Step 4: tap the show system apps.

step 5: find it and tap it.

step 6: select the enable button.

Now Another Step is Reset All Apps Performance.

Step 1: Open the setting icon.

Step 2: Tap the applications menu.

Step 3: tap more setting mobile screen upper right side 3 dots.

Step 4: select and tap reset performances.

Steps 5: Now reboot and restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and now check the issue.

how to Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Step 1: First take back up your important data and internal memory.

Step 2: open the home screen.

Step 3: press setting icon> cloud the accounts.

Step 4: Now tap backup and restore.

Step 5: If you want then take backup slider ON or OFF.

Step 6: also if you want fresh restore to access the slider on or off.

Step 7: press the setting menu and tap general management > Reset > Factory data reset.

Step 8: press reset the device.

step 9: If your mobile has screen lock so please enter the password.

Step 10: tap and select continue.

Step 11: select delete all option.

Problem 2: Galaxy Note 9 Photos taken by selfie camera shows the Black dot on nose.

Step 1: first take backup on a personal data photos videos file and messages.

Step 2: open the home screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android device.

Step 3: tap the setting icon.

Step 4: tap and select setting icon select and tap applications menu.

Step 5: On your mobile screen upper right side three dots in a vertical line. tap it, show system apps to mobile screen pre-installed apps.

Step 6: Tap storage.

Step 7: After select clear data.

step 8: Now reboot and restart your Galaxy Note 9 device. And check the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera problem.

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