Get Google assistant: Nexus 6p, note 5, Moto X, oneplus 3T, Galaxy S7, LG V2, Huavai, honor

From the news report and my friends experienced, Google roll out Google assistant (GA) for the most of the Android smartphone running on Marshmallow (MM 6) & Android nougat (AN 7).   Hey I guide you all about new Google Assistant in Google Allo app. How to download and install then activate to use Google assistant on your Android mobile? Google Assistant now able to receive Android mobiles like Google Nexus 6p, Google Nexus, note 5 Galaxy S7, LG v20, LG G2, honor 6s, Huavia, oneplus 3T and adding more. Also check you are receiving updates on Android OS.

How to activate Google assistant? Not sure about install or not

Press and hold home button on Android mobile, until you see popup on screen just like Siri on iOS if you experience.

install google assistant supported device or model

Google Assistant Requirements,

  • Google also check your device hardware performance and capacity to run Google assistant stunningly.
  • Android Marshmallow, Android nougat for later
  • Device RAM 1.5 GB or more, 720 pixels screen resolution or higher
  • Check for updates if you miss or close out when you see the popup notification center on screen.
  • Google Play service is also an intermediate solution if you have any problem to receive updates on Google assistant on any others upcoming in future.

Sometimes Android users disable auto update Android app in Play Store app. At that point we should need to check manually updates available for specific app like Google Allo.

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