Google Chrome not responding or crash on Windows laptop/ PC

Google Chrome is one of the most powerful Browser for the desktop and mobile user as well. But still if you are problem with Google Chrome then you should check different circumstances right now given here. Google Chrome buy Google develop web browser free for use or update lifetime automatically or manually.

Common errors on Google Chrome is error_connection_reset_Chrome, error_connection_closed, Error_connection_Failed. or browser freeze, crashing and stop working, Browser opening page slowly. In the previous tutorial we seen how to fix “Aw, snap” error.

Troubleshoot: Google Chrome not responding or crash, Freeze


Google Chrome Fix or not responding


Your browser is infected with Malware or adware

Automatically open multiple ads popups on single click while we try to open links on page for start browsing in Chrome or Bing search box. In that case we should use Google chrome clean up tools orĀ  third party programs – malwarebytes.

Installed out-dated extension

One check by removing all the third-party extensions installed on browser. Go to the Browser Menu > More tools > Extension > Click on Delete icon. One by one we can remove it and saved data inside it.

Old version of Google Chrome

Update your Google Chrome by checking it manually under the browser settings click on browser menu at top right corner then help > About Google Chrome > Check for update

update google chrome browser

Too many programs are running on a single system

Restart Chrome or System – Close all the programs running by you in your system once and check it for test its happen or not. If you experience there is no any programs open on your system can simply restart or reboot your system it will automatically close the programs that serve running in background.

webpage affected with infinite process

Some of the web pages using JavaScript because auto update new ads in the webpage automatically, selected websites doing this because. Its creating negative effect for the users and daily reader. Always not this which have the website taking more loading time and creating the problem regularly while we open our Browser.

Too many caches and cookies are stored on the browser

If you are the only searching something new on Internet and full time. you are doing a web search then you must have lot of offline cookies and caches for better browsing experience. once you clear all the caches and cookies using manually or third party tools like CCleaner.

Go to the Google Chrome settings > Show advance Settings > Clear browsing data

Uninstall and Re-install Google Chrome

Finally, you can do uninstall google chrome (It will remove bookmarks, History, Cache and Cookies). Reinstall new setup for google chrome.

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