Google Pixel 2 Won’t Turn on and Black Screen Not Turning on: Google Pixel 2 XL

Google pixel 2/2XL is wonderful Smartphone also their latest Oreo version give fantastic facility. But here is little issue that pixel phone not starting, black or black screen, won’t turn on, turn on mobile but immediately turn off, your pixel mobile not charge these type all problem solution our hand so here we try to fix it the issue. Sometimes you receive your phone and your screen stay black and not charge mobile, you try to restart it but still black screen. So, here workaround and potential fixes to power issues on your Pixel mobile

Most of the power problem black screen problem that always connected with charging and battery problem. Also some time another issue like software, hardware, and mobile other minor problem. Many time Google Pixel users install new Android version Oreo8.1 after maybe that issue create so first downgrade this version and install Android Nougat because your mobile doesn’t support the new version. Also, if your mobile fall in water or damage through the liquid that time won’t turn on Pixel 2 won’t turn on. Here we present some generic method.

Here Fix a Pixel phone that Won’t charge or turn on

Troubleshooting Guide – why my Pixel 2 Android Oreo is not turning on and How to fix it?

When your mobile not started so, first press power button few seconds still not turn on then follow our method step by step.

Charge your Google Pixel &Google Pixel 2 XL – Troubleshoot your charger, outlet, and battery

First thing uses only their original charger.

If your Pixel 2 XL mobile battery drain may be that why your smartphone won’t turn on. Try to charge your mobile through the plug. Whenever you put your mobile in plugging that time you look signs of charge that means no any hardware issue. Your charging port, charger, and battery charging signs do not make accurate that means 100% any hardware issue. If not charge then check your charging port, wall outlet, faulty battery and charging cable or charger.

Screen is Damaged

Maybe here the issue with the screen. Try to see the screen is damaged or not so here first charge mobile and look battery icon. Battery icon accrues try to restart your mobile by press power button few second if their light show that means battery died so charge it 30 min. and neither show red light means the problem is on your screen. Now hold the power button few seconds and then wait 2 min. And after trying to call the phone from another mobile and see ringing but does not light up. That means 100% sure your screen damaged so, repair or change your screen and troubleshoot your issue and fix a Pixel phone that won’t charge or turn on.

 Force Reboot or restart your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL Mobile

Sometimes people say their mobile does not turn on or black screen issue, most of that time this problem caret when your system crash itself. So here you need to Restart your mobile so, how to restart Google Pixel their step is below.

Step 1: tap and hold power button still Google Pixel logo show up.

Step 2: when your show pixel logo that time you relies on the power button. And fix the problem.

Boot to safe mode

Here we give you step how to enter safe mode on Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

Step 1: tap power button until appearing Google logo.

Step 2: tap and hold volume down key on your Pixel mobile.

Step 3: keeping the volume down key still safe mode logo not appear.

Use above all method still not turn on then go nearest service center and repair your mobile solve won’t turn on and black screen issue.

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