How to Hard Reset OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os: Soft Restart, Factory Reset ,and Reboot

OnePlus 6t Hard Reset

OnePlus 6t Come check out how to accomplish hard reset by using Volume key & Power button9 hardware key) and android Pie setting. I think you should learn our article how to hard reset OnPlus 6t android 9.0. if you learn our article that can help to fix some software related problem. if you people forget your pattern lock or any password, you can just reset oneplus 6t. The following tutorial shows master reset OnePlus 6t.

why we need Soft, Hard, Factory re and if your mobile stuck, black screen. charging issue, crashing, screen frozen, WiFI or Bluetooth issue, not working any app, problem creat with software install, phone hang, email issues, audio/video issues, mobile stuck after installing a game, or. other Apps APK software OnePlus 6t android 9.0. here we give you tips How to wipe all data in OnePlus 6? How to wipe all data in OnePlus 6? How to factory reset OnePlus 6? How to bypass screen lock in OnePlus 6? How to restore defaults in OnePlus 6? follow every step carefully and solve your problem.

OnePlus 6t Hard Reset

How to Master Reset OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS

How to Reboot OnePlus 6t

Press power of key continue a couple of seconds, you will show Reboot option on your display. tap reboot option and wait for some second. you will show OnePlus logo on your device.and restart your mobile.

Important note: before hard reset and factory reset on your device, you need backup all important data. before do this process never forget to take backup on your messages, office file, data, photos, videos, and some important contact.

How to hard reset OnePlus 6T

Step 1: Press continue a couple of second power button and tap power off option.

Step 2: now, your mobile switch off, after the press and hold the power button and volume down button in same time until the appear oneplus logo.

Step 3: enter pin or password and unlock the mobile screen.

Step 4: Tap Wipe data and cache After press power button.

Step 5: touch Erase everything option.
you will get one message on your mobile screen: Usrerdata partition will be formatted.

Step 6: Tap This cannot be undone, continue?

Step 7: Tap power key for a hard reset.

Step 8: you see the option: Wiping, please wait.

Step 9: now, you see a message on your mobile screen that Format success.

Step 10: Tap reboot and press the power button.
now, you are successfully completed.

How to factory reset OnePlus 6T Android mobile.

Step 1: swipe down notification panel up to the top of the screen.

Step 2: Tap setting gear icon.

Step 3: scroll down the screen, Tap system option.

under system setting option you will see more option Language & input, accessibility, backup, OTG storage, multiple, reset options,

Step 4: Tap reset option.

Step 5: Tap Erase all data- tap factory reset.

Step 6: Tap Reset phone button.

Step 7: Tap erase everything.

expert tips: Reset network settings- OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

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