Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Factory Reset Samsung

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Factory Reset Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is more powerful colorful and fantastic flagship mobile. Maybe or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 away from the user and notice you are Samsung Galaxy note 9 forgot the password, mobile has become slow and fingerprint problem, black screen issue, volume-related problem. In this case, you guys should hard reset, factory reset, soft reset and force hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to solve these issue. We explain in this article how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9

hear some reason to hard reset, are you face it?

Reasons for hard reset

1. Heavy use of the device and more.
2. Delete contacts stored in the device.
3. Deleting your important file from the device.
4. Volume, black screen, camera issue and slow charging problem.
5. Solver multiple creches.
6. Delete viruses.
7. Reset the setting to what it was in the case where errors.

Now we give you two method of reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Important notice: When you start hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before doing one thing take backup of your mobile personal data, photos, messages, files and internal memory.

Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Follow both method steps by step.

First method: factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Tap the main menu.
Tap setting icon.
Take a backup and reset.
Tap and select factory data reset.
Check reset the phone. ( if you like erase all mobile data on the Samsung Galaxy note 9 internal storage)
tap erase everything.
Wait few minutes, well done. Factory reset completed.

Second method: Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

#1: Turn off your Android device

#2: Volume up button, Bixby button, power button all are press and hold together for a couple of minutes.

#3: press and hold three buttons until highlights Samsung logo on the screen. After releasing all buttons.

#4: Wait a few seconds until the blue screen disappears.

#5: And then select wipe data/ factory reset. volume Button to navigate and power button to confirm.

#6: then select YES- delete all user data. After confirming all operation.

#7: After sometime recovery menu appear and again select “reboot system” now option.

#8: When your mobile screen appears Samsung welcome panel that means restoring operation will be done.

#9: That’s good! Complete hard reset on a galaxy note 9.

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