How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Hide & Show photo

Last updated on August 13th, 2018 at 09:37 pm

Nowadays smartphone is very popular because easy to send a number of photos on social media, and also share a photo for the public very easily. In all Android mobile which Samsung Galaxy note 9 is the best mobile to click photographs. Is not only powerful for camera resolution but it has also powerful features. If your mobile has the best camera because it takes photos while challenging conditions.

Sometimes you people want your photos to keep private. Maybe your kids play the game on your mobile and they show you’re that picture you take wine with your friend in a bar with your friend circle hidden. So you should make Samsung Galaxy Note 9 secure folders. And hide your private photos.

Here is the one option that you can hide your picture without using any apps. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has built-in features that hide your photos videos and important files from annoying people. Let’s see we give you tips on how to hide a picture on Android without apps, and make private mode Samsung Galaxy note 9. And also we teach you how to find a hidden photo in Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9. here we give you tips on how to hide pictures on galaxy note 9.

Protect Your Privacy: How to Add Photos and Videos Note 9.

We give you follow it and make your photo first secure.

Step 1: mobile screen and tap on applications.

Step 2: tap setting icon.

Step 3: under setting tap lock screen and security.

Step 4: Samsung account that’s OK. But you are not so fast you need sign Samsung account and sign in.

Step 5: after entering Samsung account details. And choose sign in option.

Step 6: if you want to be made your folder secure so first choose lock method.

Step 7: now this folder adds it to your mobile home screen.

Now, don your ..private folder galaxy note 9. Now you can hide photo and video on your secret picture folder.

now you should need set up a private and Secure folder for how to hide pictures on galaxy Note 9.

If you want more security, so you should private folder shortcut is hidden from the mobile home screen. How to do it. Follow below step one by one.

Step 1: open new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

Step 2: open setting icon.

Step 3: press the lock screen and security.

Step 4: tap the secure folder.

Step 5: under the secure folder choose the option to hide the secure folder.

Step 6: last OK it and confirm.

How to unhide the secure folder.

Step 1: first open application menu.

Step 2: tap on setting icon.

Step 3: under setting icon find lock screen and security and select and tap it.

Steps 4: tap the secure folder.

Step 5: scroll down the screen up to bottom. And select and tap secure folder. And then enter Pin, password or unlock pattern.

Here we give you tips galaxy note 9… How to hide photos on your android mobile. Use it follow it and made your folder secure.

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