How to Hide Photos and Videos on OnePlus 6T Oxygen Os: Using Android App

OnePlus 6t and other mobile phones very popular and people like to it’s too much because you can send photos, videos, and other data through social media. and you easily share photos. Gallery Vault Application that allows you to hide your imporatant file photos, video, from other people.

Some people want to hide their photos from other people. they want to keep private. maybe your father takes your mobile to see some pictures and they show you are that photo take wine with your friend and girlfriend in a hotel room. so you should make OnePlus 6t secure folders.

How to Hide Photos and Videos on your phone using the Android App Gallery Vault

Set # 1: Tap Setting icon.

Set # 2: Tap Application.

Set # 3: Open play store.

Set # 4: Serch bar: Gallery Vault.

Set # 5: open the app, prompt a “Grant Access” screen- Tap on that.

1. how to hide photo on oneplus 6t (1)

Set # 6: now ask you: Set password or enter the email Id for recovery.

2. how to hide image using Android App on OnePlus 6t (1)

Set # 7: completing all process, you will see App on the screen. read the detail if you want and tap Next.

Set # 8: you will see a “+” button on the main screen. touch it and select video and photo that you want to hide.

3. hide photos and video on oneplus t (1)

4. how to hide pictures from gallery on oneplus 6t (1)

Set # 9: you can see a configuration message on your OnePlus 6t mobile screen.

5.hide pictures in galley on oneplus 6t (1)

that’s done, now you can hide your video and picture on OnePlus 6t.

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