How to Hide and Show Notch on OnePlus 6: Notch Settings

That’s good news, finally OnePlus 6 in our hand. OnePlus 6 is the absolutely fantastic smartphone. This android phone has excellent features. OnePlus 6 is the best android phone for this season. Also, it has big screen resolution 1080 X 2280 and their display size is 15.95cm. OnePlus 6 really outstanding mobile that makes noise on the market. It has 8.1 OREO Android operating system. And you people also crazy for this phone and you want information about their new features.

Here you know about Notch? Notch is really rocks. Notch is not problem guys but it’s one good facility for us.  Notch is new features for our latest OnePlus 6 Oreo version. Some people like to big screen and some people like to medium size screen. So, Notch is one of the parts of a screen. So, every OnePlus 6 users mind have one question that how to hide and show notch on OnePlus 6 device? so guys our hand your solution.

1go to settting on OnePus 6

Here we fix Notch problem on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 have Notch 2010

OnePlus 6 has controversial Notch 2017 Apple X has Notch design. Bot, here some different about OnePlus 6 Notch & Apple X notch. Now, Oneplus 6 present with new flagship features on their glass design. Notch design main target it, guys who like to big display. Notch design is a help to upside fit to lot a big display. Its lite big screen more than Oneplus 5T. OnePlus 6 is little smaller than 6-inch Googol Pixel 2 XL. But here this vertical screen offer feels like Googol Pixel 2 XL. A designer made Notch design is done very carefully. Everyone does not like to notch option so here guys we give some step. If you want more space so show notch on your OnePlus 6 mobile and not like so hide it easily.

How to Show Notch on OnePlus 6

Every android mobile designer not looks and notice that part which we called notch, but here one good news that designer adding Notch in the screen for us. Here basically moving to notification bar up and Giving this smartphone user more space on their screen. But sometimes people not need to more space so here one option that you can easily show Notch on OnePlus 6. Notch is given look us like Apple X.

Here is the step how to show notch on OnePlus 6.

2 go with display on oneplus 6

Step 1: open your smartphone OnePlus 6.

3 open Notch option on oneplus 6


Step 2: go to setting for find Notch option.

4 show thr notch area on oneplus 6


Step 3: scroll screen and tap on Notch, and also tap Notch display on Notch option.

5 hide the Notch area on oneplus 6


Step 4: in Notch display have 2 option. Here you guys need more screen so you tap on Show the Notch area.

How to hide Notch on OnePlus 6

Sometimes people don’t like to Notch so we have the option to hide notch. And also if you hide Notch so, so screen adding some extra space.

Follow above same step

Open your mobile > go to setting > scroll screen and tap Notch > after tap Notch Display > there have two options.

Guys, you want to hide Notch on OnePlus 6 so, you can go with the second option that Hide the Notch area.

Here we give solution How to Show and Hide Notch Area on OnePlus 6. So read our post and fix your problem.

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