How to hard reset pixel 2/ Factory or Master Reset Quickly Alternate Methods

We can we fix all the issue related Google pixel 2 by simply hard reset our mobile. Yeah, I found some basic and important steps for complete hard reset process in Google pixel 2. Follow my guide and get hard reset fixed all the problems smoothly. hard-reset is not a long process for the mobile devices we just implement or use hardware button or some settings for the hard reset.

Steps on hard Reset Google Pixel 2: On-Hand Step by Step guide

1 Fectory Hard Reset Google pixel 2 android mobile

Method 1:

1. Turn off Google pixel by using the power button, Hold on the power button to turn off Google pixel 2.

2. After that in turn off mode press and hold volume down button for 3-4 seconds

3. Continuously use power key and hold on 3 seconds after the release all the buttons.

4: next you will find recovery option by using volume button and use power button to confirm your option.

5: at the time of power button pressed, quickly press volume up button.

6: now you can see the software option wipe data/factory reset. Use volume up and down for change the option on the screen. Press power button to confirm and go with the option.

Selectors confirm to delete all the data switch another option using volume down button.

Next to the screen: reboot system now.

Method 2: Using setting options hard reset Google pixel 2.

1: press and hold the power button to turn on Google pixel its turn off.

2: Go to the home screen and find settings option.

3: Next screen finds and select backup & reset option.

4: Tap factory data reset and reset phone

5: at last everything for clear all your data.


Once you hard reset all the data will be erased and go on and set to default settings just like a new Google pixel 2. Follow the on-screen instruction to set up a new device like Galaxy models

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