How to record slow motion video on android: Samsung, HTC

One more advance technology in photography is capture live video on android mobile care in slow motion. It’s really cool feature and Experience today millions of people love and want in his/ her android mobile. Want this feature and learn how to record slow motion video on android in anyhow. Yes, we can do it officially by turn on Slow-motion mode in recording time or using very best most popular apps in app store record live video in slow motion.

Slow motion video depends on FPS rate that we can change from settings, High FPS means slow slow-motion video recording, And High means able to record in high slower movement.

Some users have a Query on, not happy with slow motion rate in video but you can change it (120fps, 30fps, 15fps).

Record slow motion video on android mobile in free

Steps for Record slow motion video on android: HTC, Samsung


From your HTC android home screen, Tap on Camera app

Start Camera mode, (Switch to Capture mode, But swiping on Viewfinder screen – Swipe from top to bottom on Landscape mode or Left to right in Portrait view)

From Viewfinder screen tap on Menu icon (Horizontal Three dot icon)

Enable Slow motion video option in camera for video

Next, Tap on Camera icon and Next Running icon

Then, Tap on Camera icon

Start Video Recording on Camera app

See Below image

Note: Video recorded in Slow motion video will not be listening but you can listen in to regular video mode in HTC mobile.

For Samsung

Open Camera app

Next Tap on Mode on screen from bottom left corner

Then, Select Tap on “Slow Motion”

Start Slow motion video recording by tap on Red icon

Note for Samsung Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge record Video in 240 fps rate

Hope that android N the upcoming new android OS gift new features and improvements on slow motion video experience.

If record slow motion video on android mobile/ Tablets is not available in your camera app then your try third-party apps (Slow motion video, Slow motion video FX, Androidvid) with more setting and customization.

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