How to change facebook Email ID/ Mobile on Web: Mac/ PC

For the Security reasons or Verification you must require updated Email or Mobile number always. Today Users have two or more alternate Email accounts and Contact numbers as well. In that case you need to put or registered your Primary Email or Mobile number in your Facebook account. Let’s check how to change Facebook Email ID/ Username or Mobile number in our FB settings. Otherwise, if you want another email as a primary for the temporary then you can also do that.

Don’t have PC/ Mac, also eligible to make changes from your Android or iOS mobile app.

Steps for Change Facebook Email ID on Mac/ PC Browser

Step 1, Open Facebook in your Browser.

Step 2, Login with Username and Password

Step 3, From Top right tab arrow icon clicks on it, under the menu popup click on Settings.

Go Facebook Setting for Change facebook Email ID

Step 4, from the right pane, Click on General.

Step 5, in Center pane, Edit for Contact.

Update Facebook Username or Email in Facebook

Step 6, Add Another Email or Mobile Number.

Step 7, Enter Full Email address, Press Add Button. For the Security Reason you need to enter Facebook login password.

Step 8, once you validate, Email has been sent to your Email ID for the verification.

Add New Facebook Email in Account

Also you can switch your Primary Email address for the Facebook account. Select your Primary contact Email address.

Click on Save Changes.

Above steps also works for the mobile app users running on Android or iOS platform. Launch App on Mobile > Go to the Settings > General > Contact.

For mobile number change, you can do from there as well.

For unauthorised access or Protect your account, you must be verified or validate changed email address by Open list when you will got in your mail inbox after Change facebook Email ID/ Username. After done it, Please logout and Re-login your account. Also sign out all session remotely running in another mobile app.

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