How To Change Screen Resolution On OnePlus 7 Pro: QHD & FHD

OnePlus 7 Pro the best phone launched by OnePlus. OnePlus 7 Pro the great phone with the best price. Your device has great features at an affordable price. Its price is worth to pay as it has amazing features. In New, Flagship mobile is getting new custom resolution settings using this feature we can enhance the picture clarity while we read mail, text or chat message also Play video is an amazing experience. let’s check how to change and switch back to default screen resolution. The result is not a too big a difference but improved.

Your device OnePlus 7 Pro has two types of screen resolution. You can enjoy the resolution according to your convenience. The two types of resolution are Fhd+ and Qhd+.

Changing the Screen Resolution on OnePlus 7 Pro-Follow the steps given below:

Change screen resolution on oneplus 7 pro

Change screen resolution on oneplus 7 pro

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 2: In Settings click on Display option.
Step 3: Scroll Down in Display and find Resolution option and click on it.
Step 4: As you click on Resolution option, it will open and select the resolution option you need from the three options available.

We recommend that you should keep your resolution mode in Fhd+ and for watching movies, news, tv shows you should go on with Qhd+ mode. If you keep Qhd+ resolution mode then the battery will drain faster, so after watching Movies, News or anything else switch to Fhd+ resolution mode.

Now enjoy your screen with great resolution effect on your OnePlus device. Share what’s your experience on Change Screen Resolution On OnePlus 7 Pro, QHD to FHD.

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