How to Connect Android Mobile to TV or Projector

Connect Android to TV Or Projector

Connect your Android Mobile to your TV Or Projector. Find the most common setup guide that works with your Home or office smart projector (Using Cable or Wireless connection). Today’s projectors have to many options for setup or connect Any device (Android or Windows) to Smart TV or Projector. Also, we have some dedicated app the easy to connect to single WiFi network remotely and access your mobile screen to your projector in HD resolution (Big screen).

In the previous article, we have seen how to connect your Windows 10 laptop or PC to TV or Projector? (OnePlus, Moto, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy, Vivo, HTC, Nokia, MI, Oppo to Optoma, Epson, InFocus, DBPower)

Steps for Setup or Connect Android Mobile to Projector or TV

Connect Android to TV Or Projector

Get the App for Projector: Use Mobile Smart app available for your projector in Play Store for Android or App Store in iOS. Here Most popular Panasonic Wireless Projector app, That you can find same for other Projector.

Use Google Chromecast to send video from your Android mobile to Chrome Cast over WiFi. after that play it using HDMI port.

Another option is Miracast, Most of the Android mobile support Miracast with running on Android Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and earlier.

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