How to Customize OnePlus Nord Camera Modes or Change or Rearrange Modes

CHange Camera modes on OnePlus Nord camera app (1)

Set your Favorite and most useful camera mode to first in the list of camera mode switcher. These settings allow users to re-Order camera mode on the OnePlus camera app. Also Some Camera mode we can completely remove or Re-add if you wish. So this solution is also helpful to add a new camera mode on the OnePlus Nord Camera app.

Rearrange Camera mode on OnePlus Nord Camera app, or Show Missing Camra Modes option on OnePlus Nord mobile.

CHange Camera modes on OnePlus Nord camera app (1)

CHange Camera modes on OnePlus Nord camera app (1)

Steps for Customize the Camera Modes on Camera ap on OnePlus Nord

  1. Open the Settings app on OnePlus Nord by Swipe down to finger from the top right corner and Tap on settings on the control center.
  2. Scroll down and see the Custom Modes option.

Here’s the Clear interface to remove unwanted Camera mode, So tap on the (-) Minus button remove from the camera ap.

To, Add a New Camera mode, Tap on the Add Modes button on the last of the screen.

Also, You can reorder the camera mode or Type by swipe Two Horizontal line given next to the camera mode name.

Just go back and Save to the Camera app.

Now, Launch the camera app on your Oneplus Nord and see the all camera mode in different looks.

That’s really interesting and useful for users for the first time from any other smartphone. SO thanks to Oneplus such a wonder full of options.

Change Default Camera Mode on OnePlus Nord Camera

Also, we can change the Default camera option at the launch of the camera. Set Video or Pro camera, Slow motion, Portrait, Nightscapes, or Any other from the default button showing next to photo under camera modes settings.

Preferred mode sections in the settings shown by default on the first screen of the camera app, then we have to swipe up to show other camera modes.

Share, which Settings you like most and more helpful to you in daily photography life.

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