How to Enable/Disable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus/S10

Enable and Customize Always on Display on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 and S10e

New Smart Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10 allows we to enable Always on Display and customize Always on Display settings. Samsung has launched its new device with many features. Its super cool AMOLED panel gives you an option to enable Always-on Display (AOD). In AOD feature your screen will remain on when your device is off and you can see the watch, notification, weather info, battery percentage and most importantly a super cool look to your device.
You can customize and select the watch and settings in the AOD option according to you. Follow the steps given below to customize and enable/disable AOD option.

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Enable and Customize Always on Display on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 and S10e

Enable and Customize Always on Display on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 and S10e

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on Lock Screen Settings.
Step 3: Enable Always on Display option with the help of the toggle.

Now for customizing always on display continue the steps given below:

Step 4: After enabling AOD option, Click on Display Mode.
Step 5: Select the display mode you want from the given options.

Now come back to the lock screen Menu, and continue the steps given below if you want to customize the clock.

Step 6: From Lock Screen Menu, Select the Clock Style option.
Step 7: Now click on Always-on Display.
Step 8: Select the clock style you want.
Step 9: Click on the Color tab and select the color you want in which you want to display your clock.
Step 10: Click on Done to save the changes.

You can also see whether update, alarms, current playing song and also your schedule in AOD. To see this come to Lock

Screen Menu and continue the steps given below:

Step 12: Click on Face Widgets option in Lock Screen Menu.
Step 13: Select the Widgets you which you want to show on the AOD.

And now it is done. To disable it follow the same steps. Don’t miss to share with your Friends and know amazing tips to enable or Customize Always On Display for Galaxy S10 Plus, S1o, and Galaxy S10e.

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