How to Disable/ Enable Find my Device on Windows 10

Find my device is and security features for the all device that are mostly available on all smartphone and laptop or desktop system. Whenever system connected to Wi-Fi network device find the location based on your Wi-Fi connection and save to the Microsoft server that can be viewable on any other device by simple login. For that, you must be enabled find my device on your Windows 10.

Let’s see how to Disable/ enable or turn on find my device running Windows 10

Find the Cortana search on your Windows 10 near to startup menu.

Type the settings search box next to the settings screen = update and security option

Here is the option to find my device.

Click on it, yeah you can send the settings for find my device on or off.

Once you turn on find my device on your Windows 10. You can simply check out your device location using the below link.

Login with yours. Microsoft Outlook username and password.

You are done. Also, you can get the multiple devices located inside the single account.

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