How to Enable/Disable Reverse Wireless Charging on OnePlus 9 Pro

How to Enable/Disable Reverse Wireless Charging on OnePlus 9 Pro

Reverse Wireless charging is the most useful feature for all the smartphone to care other smart gadgets like Wireless Headphone, Earbuds, Smartwatch that support wireless charging, and Other Mobile that support wireless charging facility.

Oneplus 9 Pro comes with a huge battery backup, so the users can become a volunteer as a Battery backup that helps others in such situations.

In this article, I will see how to quickly enable and Disable Reverse Wireless Charging from the control center and turn it off for all time as a parental restriction.

Supported Model: OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro

Steps to Turn/Turn off Reverse Wireless Charging

1. Swipe down the control center on your OnePlus 9 Pro mobile. and Swipe the control center menu by a swipe to left. and see the Reverse wireless option.
2. Tap on Reverse charge. and Put your Another Charging device on the back.
3. And the device will start charging automatically.

We can also enable Reverse Charge from OnePlus Battery Settings

1. Swipe down from top to open control center and Tap on Settings gear.
2. Under the settings > Find the Battery Option > See the Reverse Charge option.
3. and Enable the Reverse charge toggle.
4. That’s it.

That’s alternate methods to manage Reverse charging on OnePLUS 9 Pro mobile. Thanks for visiting, Stay with us for more updates and tips.

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