How to Enable Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode On OnePlus 8/8 Pro

How to Enable Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode On OnePlus 8/8 Pro

Gaming mode on oneplus 8 and 8pro

Here we give you a simple guide Disable Notifications While Gaming on OnePlus 8/8 Pro. Notifications are really horrible biggest issues when you play the game, use your important Application and watch movies or videos, that time you need to turn on Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode. so you can give attention to your game, etc whatever you do in your device. are tired of notifications and calls while you play your favorite game? do want full enjoyment with the game without any disturbance? go with our article and see how can I Activate Gaming Mode on OnePlus Android device.

Disable notifications while gaming on OnePlus: most of the android devices come with gaming mode. you can stop notification and calls during the playing game. only turn on the gaming on option. someone don’t like gaming mode. so here we share with you how to enable/disable gaming mode on OnePlus smartphone.

Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode: OnePlus 8/8Pro

Turn on Gaming Mode

  1. Tap Setting from the home screen.
  2. Tap Advanced Option.
  3. Tap on Utilities.
  4. Tap on Gaming mode
  5. Do Not Disturb under gaming mode includes answer the incoming calls via a speaker, enable it.
  6. Enable Notifications for 3rd party calls.
  7. And last save your device internet,
  8. Enable Network Boots.
          1. Here one option more automatically turns on for these apps.
            Touch (+) icon and add apps for gaming mode. gaming mode will turn on automatically when these apps are opened and turn on and turn off when they are closed
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