How to Enable or Show Battery Percentage on OnePlus Nord [Battery Style]

This tutorial will help in Enable Battery percentage on your OnePlus Nord mobile Status Bar near to Battery icon that might be Battery Bar or Battery Circle. So we can quickly and easily get the Battery percentage on the OnePlus mobile screen at the top either locked screen mobile or unlocked OnePlus mobile screen.

Settings for Battery percentage on OnePlus are the same as earlier onePlus models. OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro.

Steps for Enable Battery Percentage on OnePlus Nord Android Mobile

  1. Open Settings app from OnePlus home screen or Swipe down the finger to get notification center and Tap on settings gear.
  2. Next, Scroll to the Display option and Open it.
  3. Scroll and Tap on the Status Bar option.
  4. Now, Here’s the toggle for Show Battery Percentage and Enable it to See Updated Remaining battery in percentage.

For more convenience to see battery status, OnePlus allow users to change the battery icon on the OnePlus status bar. We have to Styles by default: Battery Bar, Battery circle, and Battery Hidden [If you won’t see Battery icon on OnePlus Nord Battery Status].

Select any of your preferred types and see the instant lock on your mobile status bar.

That’s the settings to see battery percentage on android mobile. Also Different Battery style. Hope this article helpful to you.

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