How to Enable Reading View in Windows 11 Edge Browser

What is the reading view in the edge browser?

Reading view is the feature provided by the Microsoft Edge browser. This acts as a remover or an application type for removing unnecessary content. Contents may include ads, comments, things that can distract the users, or sidebars. To avoid this kind of activities the reading view must be enabled for better usage purposes.

Readers who are keen to surf on the internet have the utmost advantage to use this feature as they can be more focused on the content that actual users are interested in. Things you must follow while enabling the reading view feature. Kindly follow these steps to avoid any misunderstanding that leads to your confusion. let’s see the reading view in microsoft edge.

The steps involved are:

You can go by two different methods: How do I turn on the reading view in Microsoft Edge?

There’s a keyboard setup or a shortcut key command which you can use directly on the Microsoft edge i.e. CTRL+SHIFT+R command.

You can choose the page whichever you want to try the reading view.


  1. After opening the edge browser from the taskbar below.
  2. You could see the entire window screen kindly check as shown below.
  3. The reading view is been classified into 3 categories:

  • a. As shown if the icon is in blue it means that the reading view feature is turned on for the current webpage.
  • b. As shown below if the icon is in black it means the reading view feature is turned off for the current webpage.
  • c. As shown below if the icon is in grey it means the reading view feature is not available for the current webpage.

Seeing the reading view section this part also allows to change the font size or font style.

To make the settings effective on your webpage, kindly follow the steps:

  1. Select a space around your webpage and make an input of command through keyboard i.e. CTRL+SHIFT+O.
  2. As shown above it pop-ups a navbar that allows the setting. Settings include text size, text spacing, or page theme as shown.

So finally you grabbed the learning about the reading view section, concluding to the end this reading view plays a critical role in one’s affirmative usage in daily life. Here we have shown few steps to get the reading view enabling and discussed few features.

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