How to fix windows 11 high memory usage

Is your PC or System lagging or gets stuck while using the programs or applications in windows 11?  These issues can be occurred due to the high memory usage, i.e., your system gets low on memory.

What Is High Memory Usage?

The high usage of RAM or ROM, or called a CACHE memory, In a windows system leads to high memory usage in the PC. This state gets an error to your working PC, or the screen gets freeze while running the applications or any program.

Why is my memory usage so high when nothing is running? Symptoms of high memory usage can be as PC slowing down, application not responding, error while downloading or uploading files, or files get stuck in the middle of activities.

How Do I Solve The High Memory Usage Problem?

There are various methods to solve the problem here. I will guide you and help you to figure it out in few steps only. go with the article and fix High memory usage Windows 11 not showing in Task manager

Close Unnecessary Applications.

The applications that have not been In use. Just close it manually.  Often in many cases, we have seen the apps still running in the background, so you can use the task manager in windows 11 t close the apps or program.

 Perform this steps

  1. Go to task manager. (searching it manually)
  2. Select the app process which has been running and right click and end task as shown in the image.

After completing it will end the process or application.

Disabling The Sysmain Service.

SysMain is the system that identifies the most used applications and preloads them into the ram. So we have to stop this feature from increasing the ram or memory usage.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press WINDOWS + R shortcut to open the RUN command.
  • Open sysmain services and then click ok.
  • Search for the sysmain service optionand right-click it you will see an option to disable the service.
  • Click ok after disabling it.

By Increasing The RAM of PC

Increasing the ram is the often way to get rid of this problem as this not only removes the problem but also increases the stability, durability, and easy to use.

As of you can check the current RAM allotted to the PC by following the steps below;

  1. Go to system setting
  2. Go to task manager and check for the performance tab as shown in the image.
  • Select the memory option on the left and you will be displayed the RAM.
  • For upgrading the RAM we would highly recommend you to get expert help as the system differs for all.

More ideas– Get RAM

If you face more time this issue again so please upgrade your RAM. Why should upgrade my RAM? Here’s another chance to make your Computer and laptop much fast with the upgrade to the new Windows 11. As expected, New Windows OS Will consume more RAM with Powerful features. But I highly recommend replacing a company RAM like crucial in your Windows System. This will not only speed up your system but also helps in save big dollars. also you must know why is your Windows system, and Consume Very Large Memory usage, with Few Processes running.

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The above-mentioned few solutions will help eliminate the high memory usage that leads to freezing apps and lagging. After fixing the problem, you could run multiple apps or programs simultaneously.

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