How to Hard & Soft Reset OnePlus 6t

How to Hard  & Soft Reset OnePlus 6t

OnePlus 6t is amazing mobile it was a pretty hyped device. Oneplus 6t is not better than Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL but is more better than pixel devices. And also it’s much lower price. You know very well guys oneplus 6 is best and successful model as same as oneplus 6t is also valuable, super smartphone and blazing fast device. OnePlus 6 always gives promise for their speed. And OnePlus 6t is no letdown. Oneplus 6tcomess with oxygen OS Android Pie 9.0.

here we perform a soft reset, factory reset, hard reset and reboot you OnePlus 6t. that All process help to fix a common problem like OnePlus 6t won’t turn on, screen frozen, charging problem, black screen issue, wont to wake up the screen, Unresponsive, hanging that type any issue creat, you can simply reboot your OnePlus 6t. In this all type of the issue, we help you. Meet our hand how to restart hard reset or reboot OnePlus 6t mobile.

Steps for Restart, Hard Reset or Reboot OnePlus 6t Mobile with Pie and Oxygen OS

How to reset the OnePlus 6t using the setting App

If you want resetting your device, for that using setting App is the most convenient and best way. This process is really very easy that you can finish only 10 minutes. Let’s see how to reset OnePlus 6t using setting App.

Step 1: turn on the mobile OnePlus 6t Android p.

Step 2: open the setting App.

Step 3: after tap: system > reset options > factory reset > reset phone.

Step 4: first take backup: internal storage, photos, video, messages, important app, important file, data and document. The only select item that you are sure you have a backup. Don’t select internal storage.

Step 5: Tap button: erase everything.

Step 6: wait a few seconds, your OnePlus 6t restart automatically. And then performing the factory reset mode on your OnePlus 6t smartphone.

How to reset the OnePlus 6t using recovery mode

Using recovery mode method is as same as using the setting App. This method isa little bit complicated for oneplus 6t. But here we tried to give the best method how to reset OnePlus 3 using recovery mode. Use the following step and reset your OnePlus 6t.

Step 1: the Power of your OnePlus 6t Android 9.0.

Step 2: now press and hold volume up button and power button, continue press both button until you will see OnePlus 6 logo on your mobile screen. Don’t release the button, when you see the OnePlus 6 logo after release it.

Step 3: Tap Wipe data/factory mode option.

Step 4: now confirm your selection wife data/factory mode.

Step 5: now your phone will reset. And you will get a New screen. Use volume up button for reboot system now.

Reboot or restart OnePlus 6t Android 9.0

Step 1: First press and hold volume up button and power button on OnePlus 6t.

Step 2: Continue press both button until you will see OnePlus 6 logo on your mobile screen.

This process also called soft reset OnePlus 6t or quick restart OnePlus 6t.

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