How to set an alarm in window 11?

Alarms are one of the most useful features provided by Windows 11. Any user can use this feature to set an alarm that can help one to sleep better as it notifies you.

As wile using this feature you cannot use it when the system gets into sleep mode or off mode. To use this, the system must be awake.

This feature will help you to get things done at exact times provided whenever set, the system will notify the user by prompting the message too. Here are the steps which you can follow to How can i set an alarm on my computer?

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

windows come with Alarms. this app is useful for setting an alarm, use timers, and more. if you forget How to use alarms in Windows 11 so in this article shows new users and students how to set a timer, stopwatch, or alarm in Windows 11? it helps you wake up rested similar and sleep better to your devices.

  • Go to the search bar and search for “ alarms and clock
set alarms 1
  • Go to alarm and RIGHT CLICK . after selecting it will showcase a default alarm set already.
set alarm 2
  • As seeing the on-screen notation i.e. on hover above the default alarm it will show an option for editing the alarm. Also, similarly, you can give the name in the alarm box.
set alarm 3
  • You can also make changes like how many days you want to keep alarmed also if you want to repeat it every day or specific day make a selection accordingly.
set alarm 4
  • And you are done just save the changes and the alarm will automatically turn on.
set alarm 5
  • You can disable it by turning off the toggle as shown below.
set alarm 6

Now a user can easily creat alarms for its future usage in windows 11 too.

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