How to Share WiFi Password On OnePlus 8/8Pro

How to Share WiFi Password On OnePlus 8/8Pro

In the past day, we have been face trouble sharing a password in nearby our friends and neighbor. because in the past day people have difficult and complicated Wi-Fi passwords like numbers, special characters or letters. It’s really a headache. But nowadays, sharing a password with your near and dear it’s really easy. now you don’t need to type numbers, write letters and don’t need to enter Wi-Fi login details. In our article, we will explain with you how to share a Wi-Fi password using the QR code on the OnePlus android device.

How Do I Share WiFi Password on OnePlus 8/8Pro: this features not only for OnePlus but its also in android device. Setting up a Wi-Fi profile on your device can be a hassle to find the right network and then a security key. but here use the QR code and scan your device with Wi-Fi Password and use another Wi-Fi easily. Let’s follow the below step on how to share a Wi-Fi profile using QR code on OnePlus 8/8Pro.

Share Wi-Fi Password: OnePlus 8/8pro

Share Wi-Fi Password

  1. Tap on Setting from your device home page.
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi name that you want to connect.
  4. Tap on Network details.
  5. Tap on Share.
  6. Here you can see QR code.
  7. Scan it. or draw the unlock pattern or entering a pin and get the password.

use this article and easily share your Wi-Fi password with your neighbor, friends, and family. Share this article with your near and dear. read our article daily and increase your device beauty.

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