How to Show Always the Fingerprint Sensor iCon On the Galaxy S20/S20Plus/S20 Ultra

The Fingerprint sensor is an electronic security system, that makes it easy to unlock your device. it’s best and powerful security because no one unlocks your device without you. this is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, it’s beneath the screen. but we can not view the fingerprint sensor when the mobile screen is off. here we share with you How to find and turning on always-on Display and always the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S20/S20Plus/S20 Ultra.

Follow the below steps for Turn on Finger Print sensor always visible on the screen. Otherwise, you have to turn on Display First or Randomly place your finger on a black screen mobile. Note: Always on Display will consume more power than usual, So you can turn on if you know what are you doing.

Show Always the Fingerprint Sensor iCon On the Galaxy S20 S20 Plus and Ultra

Show Always the Fingerprint Sensor iCon On the Galaxy S20 S20 Plus and Ultra

Turing On Always on Display on the Galaxy S20/S20Plus/S20 Ultra

if you want to enable the fingerprint sensor always on your display, so must enable always-on display. let’s see how to Enable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20Plus/S20 Ultra.

  1. Tap On Icon  “Setting” on Your Mobile Home Screen. [Swipe down your finder from top screen edge to open control center, see the Gear icon – settings]
  2. Scroll Down the Page Up To End.
  3. Tap On “Lock Screen” Option.
  4. Turn On/ Toggle” Always on Display”

that’s it, Turn On AOD. now you can be Turning On fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Android Device Always-on Display.

TurnOn/Enable Always Show The Fingerprint Sensor Icon: Samsung Galaxy

  1.  Open “Setting” On Your Device.
  2.  Scroll Down The Screen. Find and Tap On “Biometrics and security”.
  3.  Tap On “Fingerprints Option”.
  4.  Now, ” Type PIN”
  5.  Tap On “Next” Option.
  6.  Tap “Show icon when the screen is off”
  7.  Now, Tap “On Always On Display”.
  8. That’s it, now you can see Fingerprints Senser Always on your mobile screen.

That’s it. use the above steps and fix How to Enable/Turn On Dark Mode On The Galaxy S20. Share it with your friends and family. have a nice day. keep reading our tips for the good health of your android device.

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