How to Turn on/Enable Live caption on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus And S20 Ultra

The live caption is the most useful feature when you spend your time in a noisy area even you travel on a train at that time you can’t listen to a clear voice or you don’t use audio, that time this feature be more useful. some people have habit read cation during watching a movie and watching the video. This feature is also useful and prevents physical disabilities Like Hearing loss, deaf. so here we share with you Live caption support on Samsung Device.

By default Live Catiopn is disabled on Samsung Galaxy smartphone. here in our short tutorial, we will explain to you how to turn On Live caption. this is an attractive feature that works without using the internet. if you have a hard hearing problem, so this live caption is blessed for you.

How to Using Live Caption on my Galaxy S20

Follow the given step and turn on Live Caption on the Galaxy S20.

  1. Tap On “Setting” app, Swipe down from the top edge to access the control center and there is Settings gear.
  2. Scroll down the page up to end, you can get the “Accessibility” option
  3. Tap on “Accessibility”
  4. Tap on “Hearing enhancements”
  5. Tap “Live Caption”
  6. Turn on/Toggle on “Live Caption”
  7. Here you can get a “dialog box”
  8. Tap on “Got it” an option
  9. Turn On/Toggle “Hide profanity”
Enable Live Caption on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus

Enable Live Caption on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus

use the above setting and fix, How to use the live caption feature on a Samsung Galaxy. here you can change adjust caption style and text size.

Note: This service is limited to only the English language for this time.
It Doesn’t work with music and Audio Call.

use the above steps and fix Here’s Fix How to Turn on/Enable Live caption on Samsung galaxy S20/S20 Plus And S20 Ultra. Share it with your friends and family. have a nice day. keep reading our tips for the good health of your android device.

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