How to Upgrade SSD RAM On Asus ROG Zephyrus g14: Installation Guide

Here in this Asus ROG Zephyrus g14 RAM Upgrade tutorial, I discussed all the tech experience that I managed for my laptop in older days. Don’t West your money, because you can upgrade your Laptop RAM and Hard Disk at your Home. Before that you have to Decide, Home much RAM size you require more for your work or Enjoy Games. Then You have Proper tools for open M2 and M2.5 Screen from the backside of your laptop. You have a Premium quality RAM that you have to Buy Before your Open Hardware part of your Laptop. Most of the RAM is compatible with All the laptops, If you are not comfortable then you can replace it with the seller.

This ASUS ROG Upgrade guide doesn’t require any extra technical knowledge.

What are the Best SSD RAMs Combination Options: “24 GB = (8 GB + 16GB) is Perfect” instade of 8 GBs of Two Ram (8 + 8) = 16 GB

Where to Buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus g14 RAM?

As we Know, ASUS rog has built-in RAM Funtinlaity [2 Slots are Side by side installed, 8GB DDR4 onboard + 8GB DDR4-3200], Now we have to Upgrade it. Use Proper Screwdriver for open Back body and RAM slot screw.

How to Upgrade or Install RAM on Asus ROG Zephyrus g14

To upgrade 16 GB Pre-Built RAM on your Laptop we can use any of the RAM slots. see in the picture below. and Install the New 16 GB RAM on RAM Slot.

  1. Using the M2 and M2.5 Screwdriver open back body of your Laptop. And Remove the compartment cover.

    Open Back Cover Screw of Asus Rog Laptop for Upgrade RAM
    Open Back Cover Screw of Asus Rog Laptop for Upgrade RAM
  2. Once you open you will see Two RAM Slot, Focus on First Slot, and Update 8GB Ram into 16GB. Using your Screwdriver, Softly press on RAM Module, Pull out Two notches and Remove the RAM. in the Same Position Put your New RAM and Press to Fix in Notches automatically.

    Install New SSD Ram on Asus ROG laptop
    Install New SSD Ram on Asus ROG laptop
  3. In the Same Way, remove One Screw from the second RAM slot and Pull RAM to get it out from the slot. Now in the Same Direction Place your New RAM.

    Remove Second RAM on ASUS ROG
    Remove the Second RAM on ASUS ROG
  4. Now, Re-install the Back Compartment to your Backside of the Laptop. Keep mind Use Proper screw for the completely fixed body.
  5. That’s it.

Now, Start your Laptop and Check the System Configurations, You will see updated Number of Total Number of RAM installed on your System. Also, you can find the Driver for your ASUS Rog laptop from here and Keep your Laptop Update for 4K video editing, Gaming, or Other Lengthy work.

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