How to Use Call Screening On Pixel Mobile, Setup, Compatible Device, When Available

Here we talk about Call Screening features on an android device. You know guys what call screening is. You can find out who’s calling and why before you pick up a call using Call Screen. Its features help you better understand who is calling and why. Call screening features do work without using Wi-Fi, Mobile data. You can take control who is calling you. This feature permits to report of calls as spam. Here we help you How to Use Call Screening Pixel Mobile, Setup, Compatible Device, When Available.

How To Work Call Screen

(1)  If you want to work to screen the number, Dont saves the number as a contact. If you do not want to screen the number, save the number as a contact.
(2) You can find robocalls and spam calls from numbers in Google’s spam database. but every robocalls and spam calls not detect.
(3) If you use call forwarding features, you cant use call screening features. Screened calls won’t be forwarded.
(4)  When Call Screen is enabled, your phone won’t save screened call information to your Google Account, your Google Assistant Activity page.

Setup and Enable Call Screening on Android mobile

Setup and Enable Call Screening on Android mobile

Call Screening Compatible Pixel Mobile & Available

  • Turn on your Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3A, Pixel 3XL.
  • Google Announced that Remaining Pixel mobile will get in 2020 through Software Update, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL
  • keep your Pixel mobile Updated with latest Software Update or Update Your Phone app on android.

How to Turn On/Enable and Use Call Screen: Pixel Devices

If you use third-party like screen recording & call recording apps. We remind you of these features(Call Screen) does not work with third-party apps. So guys first disable/ turn off these all apps before using Call Screening. Let’s see Set up automatic call screening on android device.

1. First, update your mobile latest version [Update Phone app].
2. Open the Phone app on your android device app.
3. Tap more options.
4. Tap setting.
5. Tap Spam and Call Screen under the setting.
6. Dont forget to turn On See caller and spam ID. and if not, first “See caller and spam ID” is switched on.
7. Tap call screen option.
8. Tap Unknown call settings.
9. Tap the types of callers you’d like to screen under the unknown call settings option.
10. choose the option:
>Automatically screen.
>Decline robocalls.
you can choose also:
> Ring phone/ Automatically screen/ Decline robocalls.
Silently decline.
11. To save audio from screened calls, enable Save Call Screen audio.
12. finish! Now anyone calls you. You can tap the Screen call.

How To Screen Calls Manually

1. When someone calls you.
2. Tap Screen call.
3. Your Google Assistant screens the call and asks who is and why.
4. And You will get a real-time transcript.
5. before the call response, you can choose to pick up the call or hang up.

Here Are Some Answers and What The Caller Will Hear

1. Is it urgent?
Do you need to get a hold of them urgently?

2. Report as spam
Please remove this number from your mailing and contact list. Thanks and goodbye.

3. I’ll call you back
They can’t talk right now, but they’ll give you a call later. Thanks and goodbye.

4. I can’t understand
It’s difficult to know at the moment. Could you repeat what you just said?

How to Get Transcripts & Recordings For Screened Calls

All screen calls will save a transcript of the screening on your phone. Otherwise, your Pixel phone also saves recordings.

1. Enable save call screen audio.
2. Tap the phone app.
3. Tap recent.
4. Tap the screened call.
5. Tap transcript or transcript and audio.
if you dont show option,
> Tap History.
> See Transcript.
6. if you want to delete the transcript and recording.
> Tap & Hold the screened call.
> Tap Delete.

Use above all tips and Use Call Screening Pixel Mobile.  Share it with your friends and family. Have a beautiful day. Keep reading our advice for the excellent health of your android device.

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