How To Clear Cache On OnePlus 7 Pro – Wipe Data from Memory OnePlus Mobile

Clear Cache From Your OnePlus 7 Pro

Here are the settings for Clear Cache On OnePlus 7 Pro running Android 9. Clearing cache will remove minor bugs from a device, and the device will work smoothly. Many people think that clearing cache partition deletes the data your device, but actually, it doesn’t cause any harm to your data. Clearing cache will help you make your updates faster. And all your apps will also work more quickly and the problem will be faced after clearing the cache.

OnePlus 7 Pro is a great phone and at an affordable price with great features too. But the clearing cache will make it more smooth and comfortable. You should always clear the cache partition on the regular period.
Here in this tutorial, we will show how to clear cache from your device in simple and easy steps. Follow the steps given below to clear the cache:

Steps for Clear Cache From Your OnePlus 7 Pro Running on Android 9 [OxygenOS]

Clear Cache From Your OnePlus 7 Pro

Clear Cache From Your OnePlus 7 Pro

Step 1: Turn Off your OnePlus 7 Pro.
Step 2: Press Volume Down Key and Power Button simultaneously.
Step 3: Release the Power Button when OnePlus Logo Appears on the screen, but hold on the Volume Key.
Step 4: Enter your Lock screen Password.
Step 5: Click OK, after your done.
Step 6: Click on English.
Step 7: Click Wipe Data & cache option.
Step 8: Click Clear Cache.
Step 9: Click on Yes for a continuation of the process.
Step 10: Click on Reboot.

So now cache is cleared from your device, and it will work more smoothly than before. Test the quick performance of your OnePlus mobile at the same time. After Clearing the Cache Partition on OnePlus 7 Pro the mobile becomes faster, Responsive and smooth just like a new. You can do this manually any time when you feel buggy app creating a problem of crashing apps, rebooting itself.

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