Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags Part 2: Buying Guide

Louis Vuitton handbags r-cutting

Back to the topic where we left on last post. We were discussing about how to identify fake Louis Vuitton handbags. I have already shared 3 points in the last post. In this post I will share some more indicators about fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

Louis Vuitton handbags are made of calf skin so over period of time it fades away, means the color of leather changes, it will become dark from handles. This is also a indicator that if you are purchasing old bag and handles are same as new then item is suspicious.

Points to Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags:

1>  Heat stamp in Louis Vuitton handbags always comes with Registered R mark above the Louis Vuitton branding. Some fake bags shows “LV” written instead of R mark. Real Louis Vuitton handbag never comes with co-branding of LV and Louis Vuitton.

co-branding Louis Vuitton handbags

2>  Stitching of Louis Vuitton is always perfect, bags are hand stitched so there will be no imperfection. If any imperfection will be seen in bag it is suspicious because Louis Vuitton burn its imperfect bags, it never comes in market with imperfection. So if any seller says it has some imperfection means item is fake. Stitching of stamping is so perfect that it will never cut R or any words of stamping and will be centered.

stitching on Louis Vuitton handbagLouis Vuitton handbags r-cutting

3>  Counterfeit products will have red wax coming out of the belts or patches. Louis Vuitton uses red wax as glue to stick leather but it will be perfectly done. Most of the counterfeit items will have extra wax on the leather.


In our next post we will clarify more Louis vuitton points so that you will easily identify fake Louis Vuitton handbag. If you like our post and thinks that information is useful then please write to us for any query. If you want to purchase Louis Vuitton bag than you can show us the images and we will surely tell you whether its real and Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags for you.

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