Identify fake louis vuitton using authenticity card and envelope: Part 3

Louis green envelope vuitton handbags

Hi Friends we are back with some more points to identify fake Louis vuitton handbags. We hope you have gone through previous updates by us and surely it had helped you to make you identify fake Louis vuitton handbags.

In this post I will share you points related to accessories that comes with Louis vuitton handbags and the things that will tell you that it is replica or not. Louis vuitton does not comes with certain types of items and only counterfeits uses that type of things along with handbags and its packagings.

Counterfeit accessories that comes with Louis Vuitton handbags:

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1> Louis vuitton will never come with yellow authenticity card in wallets or handbags, If you ever see yellow authenticity card along Louis vuitton item that means your item is fake. It is replica of genuine item. Authentic bag never comes with any authenticity card with its item.

Louis vuitton yellow authen card handbags authenticity card 2 Louis vuitton handbags

2> Louis Vuitton will never come with green envelope. Louis Vuitton gives there customers envelopes along with bill but it will never give green color envelope. Counterfeit uses green color envelope along with product to make them believe it is real item. Authentic item will always come with beige or brown color envelope.

Louis green envelope vuitton handbags

3> Louis Vuitton comes with dustbags but it will never have co branding on dust bags. It ill either have Louis vuitton or LV written on dustbags. If you see both written on it then you can consider it as replica item.

Louis vuitton handbags original dustbag dustbag fake Louis vuitton handbags

In our next post we will clarify more Louis vuitton points so that you will easily identify fake Louis Vuitton handbag. If you like our post and thinks that information is useful then please write to us for any query. If you want to purchase Louis Vuitton bag than you can show us the images and we will surely tell you whether its real and Identify Fake Louis Vuitton handbags for you.

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