Identify Manufacturing Date/ Year from date code of Louis vuitton bag

fake louis vuitton date code

All Louis vuitton article comes with date code tag inside. There is meaning of every alphabet and digits on the bag. Belts, wallets, purse, handbags, etc all comes with date codes. These date codes indicates manufacturing date and year and also tells you where it is made.

Every bag has different locations of date code tags. Speedy bag has it in front of inside while neverfull bag has it near the corner which is not easily visible. All you need is to find it and check the below mentioned tricks to check whether it is genuine Louis vuitton or fake.

How to Identify Authenticity using Date Code of bag:

There are to tags you can see inside Louis vuitton bag, one is date code and other is serial number. Date code will always contain two alphabets and four digits while serial number will contain one alphabet and five digits. Make sure you are checking date codes while verifying the authenticity of your bag.

Let’s start with real Louis Vuitton date code. If you see the date code in image below you can see two alphabets “SD” which stands for the place where it is manufactured. SD stands for South Dakota where this bag is manufactured. You can see four digits 0965 in date code. First and third digits indicates week of manufacture. Here first and third digits are 06 which mean it is manufactured in sixth week ie in February. Second and fourth digits indicate the year of manufacture. In this case second and fourth digits are 95 which mean it is manufactured in 1995. So we can conclude that this bag is manufactured at South Dakota in February 1995.

real louis vuitton date code

Now let’s see how replica bags date code looks like. In the below image it shows 8912 digits. If we see first and third digits its 81 which means manufactured in 81 week which is not even possible and the item is fake.

fake louis vuitton date code

We can conclude from above that before purchasing any Louis vuitton item one must check its date code because it says a lot about the bag.

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